Youth Volunteers

Connect with new friends and build a foundation for your future

Learning is the primary focus of Conner Prairie’s youth volunteer program. We aim to give talented young people the opportunity to grow through Conner Prairie's enriching environment. If you're passionate about Conner Prairie, love speaking to people and enjoy the rewards of old-fashioned sweat and effort, this program may be for you! We have two types of Youth Volunteers.

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Conner Prairie Youth Volunteer General Program

Youth ages 10-18 may apply for the overall Youth Volunteer program, which includes interpreting in our historic areas, both in modern uniform and in costume. Applications for this type of volunteer will open up again in October 2024. Youth must be 10 years old by April 1, 2025 to apply. The applications will be due in early January, 2025.

Conner Prairie Camp and Special Events Volunteers

The other opportunity available for youth volunteering is to become one of our Camp and Special Event Volunteers. They assist as junior counselors for our popular Adventure Camp program, as well as special events like Headless Horseman and A Merry Prairie Holiday. These volunteers must be 12 years old by late May. Applications for our Camp and Events Youth Volunteers will open up next winter for the 2025 summer/fall season.

We will host an information meeting in December of 2024 so that you can hear about both opportunities. Exact date to be determined. For more information regarding our youth volunteer program, please contact us at

For more information about our youth volunteer program, email

Fun Facts:

  • 115 youth in program
  • Average age of youth: 13.9
  • Youngest Youth: 10
  • Oldest Youth: 18
  • Minimum Hours donated per year: 120
  • Most Hours ever donated by a youth in a single year: 1066
  • About ⅓ of the youth are homeschooled
  • Over ¼ of the youth participate on our Youth Spinning Team
  • Shortest commute to Conner Prairie: ¼ mile (across the street)
  • Longest commute to Conner Prairie: 7,106 miles (Bahrain)
  • Favorite program as voted on by the youth: Headless Horseman

The Youth Leadership Development program is supported by:

Questions? Contact Sarah Morin

Youth Experience Manager
317-776-6000, ext 259