Youth Volunteers

Connect with new friends and build a foundation for your future

Learning is the primary focus of Conner Prairie’s youth volunteer program. We aim to give talented young people the opportunity to grow through Conner Prairie's enriching environment. If you're passionate about Conner Prairie, love speaking to people and enjoy the rewards of old-fashioned sweat and effort, this program may be for you!

Beginning in 2024, we have two types of Youth Volunteers. Youth ages 10-12 may apply for the overall Youth Volunteer program, which includes interpreting in our historic areas, both in modern uniform and in costume. Applications for this type of volunteer are now closed. However, applications are now open for our new Camp and Events Youth Volunteer.

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Camp and Events Youth Volunteers

Love spending time with children ages 4-8? Are you a youth who loves being outdoors and looking to engage in leadership opportunities? Youth ages 12-18 can sign up today to become Camp and Special Event Youth Volunteers. They will assist, teach and supervise young guests at our popular adventure camp and volunteer during Conner Prairie special events. During the volunteer experience, youth will lead games and activities alongside our camp staff and provide a high quality camp experience for our young campers. Camp and Special Events Youth Volunteers will also volunteer during evening special events like Jupiter Flights, A Merry Prairie Holiday and Headless Horseman. Camp and Special Event Youth Volunteers will volunteer a minimum of 100 hours over the course of camp and special event volunteering. These volunteers will be supervised by Youth Volunteer Management and Conner Prairie camp staff.

This is an application process, so all applications submitted by April will be considered. Spaces are limited and will be decided by the application and interview process. Deadline to apply is April 1, 2024. Download the application or apply below.

Inquiries can be sent to

For more information about our youth volunteer program, email

Fun Facts:

  • 115 youth in program
  • Average age of youth: 13.9
  • Youngest Youth: 10
  • Oldest Youth: 18
  • Minimum Hours donated per year: 120
  • Most Hours ever donated by a youth in a single year: 1066
  • About ⅓ of the youth are homeschooled
  • Over ¼ of the youth participate on our Youth Spinning Team
  • Shortest commute to Conner Prairie: ¼ mile (across the street)
  • Longest commute to Conner Prairie: 7,106 miles (Bahrain)
  • Favorite program as voted on by the youth: Headless Horseman

The Youth Leadership Development program is supported by:

The 2024 Camp and Events Youth Volunteer Application is now open! Applications are due April 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Camp and Events Youth Volunteer Application

Camp and Events Youth Volunteer Application

  • Thank you for your enthusiasm for Conner Prairie. Feel free to contact Sarah Morin or Bill Freil with any questions about the application process (317.776.6000 ext. 259 or This is an application process, so all applications submitted by April will be considered. Spaces are limited and will be decided by the application and interview process. Deadline to apply is April 1, 2024. No late applicants will be accepted.

    Applicant Information

  • Camp runs M-F in the summer, 8:15a-3:30p. We prefer you volunteer for an entire week of camp, but if necessary, you may still volunteer if you can attend 4 out of 5 days of the week. Signing up for a week of camp on this form is not a guarantee you will be scheduled for that week, especially if we have more volunteers available for a given week than we have spaces available. We will assign you your weeks based on your availability and let you know when you have been assigned when you are accepted into the program.

  • Experience

    1. Please list your experiences working with the public or as a volunteer.
  • (ex: 2 hours a week for 2 years, 7-day mission trip, etc.)

  • FAQs

    • When is my application due?
      April 1, 2024
      We will accept hard copy applications postmarked April 1 or submitted on our website by 11:59p April 1. We cannot accept late applications.
    • Can I type my application?
      Yes. Handwriting or typing is fine. We appreciate applications we can easily read!
      Download PDF Application
    • May I have help with my application?
      It is important that your application is neat, so you may have help with spelling, typing, and handwriting. However, we are not hiring your guardians, we're hiring you! So make sure your application reflects your own unique self, not anyone else.
    • Does my application have to be on this form?
      No. If you prefer to copy the whole thing into a word processing document on your computer that's fine.
    • How do I return my application to you?
      On our website: under the “Support” and “Get Involved” tabs. By snail mail: Conner Prairie / attn. Youth Experience Manager / 13400 Allisonville Rd, Fishers, IN 46038
      By E-mail:
      If you email your application, please make sure we respond with a confirmation. This may take several days, but we will respond if we get it. We don’t want to miss anyone due to an electronic error. If you apply on our website, you will be taken to a confirmation page so you know it went through. NOTE: If you use Googledocs, please do not submit your application by sharing the document directly through Googledocs. Instead, download your finished application as a pdf or Word doc file and e-mail as an attachment.

    • What do I do now?
      We will notify you on or before April 15 to let you know if you will be moving on to the Interview Round of the selection process.

Questions? Contact Sarah Morin

Youth Experience Manager
317-776-6000, ext 259