Special Experiences OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS

This January, Conner Prairie is thrilled to offer several NEW, special experiences as add-ons to General Admissions tickets. Visitors must select an arrival time and purchase their tickets online. Guests may stay and explore our grounds, for as long as they'd like, but must select a time of arrival.

Please note, these special experiences are in addition to a general admission ticket. General Admission tickets must be purchased first.

Other experiences include a Behind the Scenes look at caring for our balloon and Pure Fun! Click through to learn more about these experiences and to reserve your tickets!

Safety, Our Top Priority

Conner Prairie's Safety Protocols

This year, safety matters more than ever, and Conner Prairie has taken significant steps to make it safe for families to participate in their favorite winter events. Our expansive grounds, large support staff, and long tradition of offering outdoor programming uniquely qualifies us to create a safe environment to carry on our most beloved traditions. We will be abiding by all CDC recommendations, including the wearing of masks by staff and guests. Check here for a full list of our safety precautions.


How can you figure out which way to go? How do people make maps, let alone read maps?! How do you use a compass anyway? What the heck are cardinal directions? Find the answers to all these questions and more. This excursion is all about figuring out where you are in relation to the world around you!

Walking with a fur Trader/Survival on the Frontier

What do you need to know to get through the winter in the 19th century? Walk with a fur trader to learn about tracking, trapping, and trading as well as building shelter and starting a fire! Hear stories from the Indiana frontier.

The White River

This excursion takes guests down to the White River! What plants and animals thrive down by the water? How do things change in the wintertime? If we're lucky, maybe we will see some animals!

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