2021 Scarecrow Contest

Scarecrow dressed like Cruella de Ville

The Dritsas Family #1

Back to the Future themed scarecrows

Tieman Clan #2

Scarecrows2021 0017 Layer 5

Big Brothers, Big Sisters #3

Spooky scarecrow with raven on its shoulder

Emme Suriano #4

Scarecrow with jack o lantern face dress in flannel shirt and blue jeans

Justin Meyers #5

Scarecrow dressed in painters apron with paint brushes in hand

Ignite Studio at Hamilton East Public Library #6

Scarecrow dressed as Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson #7

Scarecrow dressed for autumn

Trader's Point Christian School Theater Arts #8

Scarecrow with a witch hat

Witchcrow #9

Scarecrow Dressed as Girl Scout

GS Troop 1937 #10

Scarecrow with jack o lantern face and wearing a feather boa

GS Troop 1937 #11

Scarecrow dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Dorothy #12

Scarecrow dressed as baseball player

Keep Your Eye on the Softball #13

Scarecrows2021 0015 Layer 11

Doggone It, Elsa #14

Scarecrow dresses as dead prom queen

PROM Gone Wrong #15

Scarecrows2021 0016 Layer 9

Raven #16

scarecrow contest entry

Untitled #17