Inclusion & Accessibility

Conner Prairie wants everyone to experience the Prairie.

Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge, and wheelchair assistants and interpreters for the deaf receive general admission at half price. Most, but not all, of the historic buildings are accessible by wheelchair. However, buildings and walkways are authentic to the 19th century. For those buildings that are not wheelchair accessible, staff will bring the experience to you.

Handicapped parking is available close to the Welcome Center.

We here at Conner Prairie are inclusive and Autism friendly.

We are proud to offer families with children and adults with autism, as well as other sensory or developmental challenges, a local attraction with a focused and friendly environment.

Our complete guide to visiting Conner Prairie and our Sensory Friendly Tip Sheet are very helpful resources - please read them before you visit. These tools were developed to help you make the most of your time here. Below are some quick tips to consider in planning your adventure:

  • If someone does not like loud noises, be aware that Civil War Journey and Lenape Indian Camp have occasional gunfire demonstrations. The Mayfield and Nichols Dry Goods Store in Civil War Journey also has loud noises.
  • If someone likes to interact with animals, our Animals Encounters Barn is perfect.
  • If someone likes to tinker, visit Create.Connect inside the Welcome Center.
  • If someone likes to get their hands dirty, join interpreters in tasks in 1836 Prairietown and Lenape Indian Camp.
  • If someone likes to play with toys, ask at the various houses located in 1836 Prairietown.
  • If someone does not like swift visual action/transitions or flashing lights, they might want to avoid the Civil War Journey media presentations inside the Mayfield and Nichols Dry Goods Store and The Raid.

View our guest map highlighting Quiet Spots located throughout Conner Prairie. These locations offer a quiet location with a sensory kit that includes a weighted blanket and soft sensory toys, among other items.