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Please note that Allisonville Rd. at 146th St. will close for 90 days beginning on or around March 1. Traffic to Conner Prairie from 146th St. and 116th St. might be heavier than usual.

Plan a Group Tour

Connect with your group as you dive into the ultimate discover-and-learn experience. Each area offers interactive experiences to help engage you and your group with a piece of our past, present and future. Our daily activities, programs and special events offer something unique and adventurous each time you visit. Here, every guest has the opportunity to pursue fun and knowledge in a way that is tailored to them. In each of our experience areas "look, don’t touch" becomes "touch, taste, see, engage and explore” as you live history first-hand. This is your chance to make it a historic day.

Let us help you plan the perfect day for your group.

Senior travelers, Faith travelers, FFA, Reunion and Youth groups, all are welcome at Conner Prairie! Make it a day to remember and step into the story by adding one of our special "Behind the Scenes" options offered only to groups of 15 or more!"

Phone: 317-776-6000 ext. 268 or 800-966-1836

To reserve a bus rental, contact our partners at CharterUP. Browse through their field trip bus rentals and group transportation services offered for your group trip or private event.