Apple Store

Opens September 1st
Tuesdays-Sundays 11 a.m.- 5p.m.

The Apple Store is our primary fundraiser with proceeds supporting the mission and programs of Conner Prairie. This seasonal treasure is managed by the Conner Prairie Alliance.

The Apple Store Intro Image

Hand-dipped caramel apples

Apple and pumpkin donuts

Salted chocolate caramel dipped apples

Cider slushies

Gift Baskets

The Apple Store takes special orders during its open season for gift baskets, gourmet dipped apples, and specialty items for work parties, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Fun Facts - 2018 in Review

Our little Apple Store sold a lot!

543 single apples
124 pecks of bruised apples
(think applesauce and baking pies)
1,024 gallons of cider
3,425 hot ciders
9,309 slushies
6,157 plain caramel apples
6,215 nutty caramel apples
541 gourmet apples
1,030 chocolate toffee apples
1,205 salted chocolate apples
1,134 plain Annie apples
1,065 nutty Annie apples
4,259 specialties
1,922 apple fritters
1,626 bags of fresh popped popcorn
518 pies
918 pie slices
34,950 donut holes
637 dozen donuts
(that's 7,644 individual donuts!)

What a year! Now let's do it again!

Apple Store Recipes

Check out these quick videos on some delicious treats you can make with ingredients from our Apple Store!

Apple Butter Coffee Cake

Learn how to make delicious coffee cake featuring apple butter from the Apple Store.

Spicy Apple Bread

This spicy apple bread features raisins, nuts and fresh, delicious apples.

Apple Store Crisp

This Apple Store Crisp recipe features crunchy apples, a sweet topping and is best served warm with ice cream on top!

Apple Cranberry Salad

A perfect fall salad! Learn how to make Apple Cranberry Salad using our delicious apples.

Thank you to Conner Prairie Alliance for making The Apple Store possible!