Gratitude Tuesday

Conner Prairie Interpreters wearing masks

We’re Thankful for You

Where there’s hope, there’s life.  It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”  -Anne Frank

In 2020, our community, our nation, and our world experienced an unmatched reality unlike one we’ve ever lived through before.  A pandemic took its toll on us all in so many different ways.  We have experienced isolation, division, and exhaustion. But at Conner Prairie, our members, staff, and guests have consistently restored our hope.  You inspired us to do more, reach further, and be courageous.  You have brought light, hope, and, through your giving and unwavering support, the promise of a future.  Your belief has made us, and the community around us, stronger than we could’ve dreamed.

To our donors, members, volunteers, and guests – Conner Prairie would like to express our sincere gratitude to you.  You shed light in the darkness.  You allowed Conner Prairie to be a resource for the community at large.  In 2020, you gave us the opportunity to release a series of virtual programs called Conner Prairie at Home.  Even in quarantine, you walked with us through nature, you learned about our heritage breeds, you even learned how to make delicious treats with your family from one single sourdough starter, and so much more.

It was in 2020 that we created Conner Prairie at Home Kits and together with community partners were able to provide at-home learning opportunities for those without access to digital learning.

Conner Prairie at Home Kits

As restrictions began to ease, you trusted us to run our highly anticipated Summer Adventure Camp.  With increased safety protocols, we hosted 1,650 students with no reported COVID-19 exposures.  With the success of our summer camp, we became a safe and welcomed destination for e-learning students who needed a place to learn when the school year began. 

Summer Camp at Conner Prairie

As we rounded the corner into autumn and our cravings for the Conner Prairie Alliance caramel apples and apple cider slushies increased, your belief in us and your willingness to help us safely engage in activities allowed for 29,120 guests to experience the family-favorite fall tradition, Headless Horseman Festival.  With special thanks to our community partners and sponsors like Corteva Agriscience, The Hagerman Group, and Reynolds Farm Equipment, the festival was a great success.

Headless Horseman festival

Winter is upon us now and as we embark on this holiday season, we are proud to celebrate with you at A Merry Prairie Holiday.  Despite the challenges, it was your support that created a year full of activities that created memories, deeper knowledge, and much needed positivity.

A Merry Prairie Holiday Lights

2020 was difficult, but 2021 is full of promise.  You supported Conner Prairie and encouraged us to answer the needs of our community by expanding the ways we create unique experiences to inspire curiosity and foster learning, not just for those who visit our grounds, but now for our global community near and far…even very far!  

On this Gratitude Tuesday, we raise you up in appreciation – our friends, our partners, our community.  Thank you for giving Conner Prairie the ability to open our doors both physically and virtually, in the most difficult of times, and into our future of hope!  After all, history is made by the hopeful.  

With all our hearts, we thank you.