Museum Theatre

Conner Prairie's theatre program is a unique non-traditional experience that consists of many facets, including acting, singing, dancing, poetry, rap, and spoken word. Our program adapts its model from research and practice of applied theatre and integrates into the museum's DEAI promise statement. The purpose of performing arts in museums like ours is to help enhance and enrich the visitor experience with both educational and social consciousness in mind.

While our program combines our past with the present to address current and future societal concerns, we incorporate our interpreters to focus on the 19th century, while putting into practice a diverse group of performers that focus on 21st-century issues.

Throughout the year, Conner Prairie's theater program offers a robust list of productions and layers experiences with learning through the use of professional actors and storytellers.

Join us as we highlight cutting-edge work that is intended to expand the boundaries of our historical and natural resources through exploration, celebration, and improving the human experience.

Upcoming Events