Presidents' Day

Join us February 17 for a Free Day, as we celebrate the Presidents with games, quizzes, crafts, parties, and more!

Meet some Presidents from the past and other influential people who were in the White House. We'll fill up our Welcome Center and Featherston Barn with games, activities, and learning experiences with U.S. Presidents from history.

Celebrate at George Washington's birthday party, pitch peanuts with Jimmy Carter, putt with Dwight Eisenhower, play Ronald Reagan's jelly bean guessing game, and so much more. Several U.S. presidents, First Ladies, and historic friends from the past 200 years will be in attendance to play games and talk about their history in the White House.

Some of the day's activities will include:

  • Storytime with Abigail Powers Fillmore
  • Presidential Trivia Game
  • Hail to the Cheese With Andrew Jackson
  • Learn About the Election Process
  • Grover Cleveland Veto Toss
  • Presidential Pets
  • Vote for your Favorite Presidential Facial Hair
  • Teddy Roosevelt's Shooting Gallery
  • Sing Patriotic Songs with Lady Liberty
  • Pet Rock Make and Take - Free, while supplies last