Memory Café

Join us for a Memory Café - a welcoming, safe, space for individuals with Alzheimer’s or any type of the Dementia, and their caregivers. Memory Café themes center around music from days past, taking a short walk to one of our historic buildings* to do some 19th century hearth cooking, visiting our many farm animals, or dipping beeswax candles.

September's theme is All About Apples!

Come to Conner Prairie and feast on some delicious fall-time delicacies like apple fritters and pumpkin butter. Get a chance to shop at our famous Apple Store, learn a new craft, and make some of your own apple butter.

*Carts will be available for those who need assistance.

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Our next Memory Café is:

September 8, 12-2 p.m.

Upcoming Dates:
November 9
December 13

Sponsored by:

Hamilton County Community Foundation