Glorious 4th

Come celebrate July 4th with the citizens of Prairietown!

July 2-4, 2022

Independence and freedom are contested ideas. Join the citizens of Prairietown as they celebrate 60 years of American independence, but also hear how others have questioned just how free America is.

Celebrating Glorious 4th at Prairietown
Glorious 4th
Glorious 4th
Celebrating Independence Day in Prairietown


Throughout the week, there will be opportunities to help decorate the town with festive red, white, and blue bunting, and help the citizens of Prairietown rehearse speeches and toasts!

Daily Operations as normal with a patriotic twist. Tickets for Glorious Fourth are free with general admission!

  • Glorious Fourth Grove celebration: The traditional celebratory July Fourth event. Ceremony honoring veterans, speech, presentation of new 25-star flag, reading of the Declaration of Independence, singing Star Spangled Banner and Hail Columbia.
  • White River Guard Militia in the clearing next to the McClure carpenter shop in Prairietown
  • Watch traveling actors perform Shakespeare auditions in Prairietown.
  • Dissenting Voices: Another View on the Fourth of July at 1863 Civil War Journey.
  • Mike Pace and friends will lead Lenape social dances and music to celebrate Lenape culture.