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Stories have the ability to transport people to a different time and place and broadens horizons with new experiences and backgrounds. Conner Prairie takes the idea of storytelling to heart as we strive to bring diverse stories and narratives to the community. Every month, Conner Prairie will host storytellers who will share holistic stories full of history and culture to share with guests to spark curiosity and foster learning through discussion and empathy.

Past Storytellers

Manón Voice
Women's History Month

Manón Voice is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, and is a multi-hyphenate, poet and writer, spoken word artist, film producer, hip-hop emcee, educator, and community builder. The spirit of her work finds its niche at the intersection of art and activism with an ethos of bridging the past, present and future, as part of prophetic imagination.

Scott Frasard, Carissa Madden and Patrina Dixon
Carissa Madden, Patrina Dixon, Scott Frasard
Autism Acceptance Month

Scott Frasard, Carissa Madden and Patrina Dixon will share their experience of what it is like living with neuro-diversities in a neurotypical world.

View the Transcript from this webinar.

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