Corn Maze


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2021 Design Contest Winners

These drawings inspired our 2021 Corn Maze

Ethan Cr

Learn about our 2021 Corn Maze design

Did You Know?

  • The 2021 maze was 20,227 feet of 5-foot wide maze paths including the cut out areas.
  • There was 35,036 square feet inside the large cutouts of the pumpkins and letters.
  • The sword was 286.32 feet from tip to handle.
  • The pumpkin head was more than 160-feet tall.
  • The horse was more than 551 feet from nose to tail.
  • The "P" was 96.62-feet tall. That is equal to stacking 125 basketballs on top of each other!
Aerial View Of Conner Prairie 2021 Corn Maze Design

Features of the 2021 Corn Maze

The 22,160-foot maze featured three unique adventure paths to appeal to guests of all ages:

  • Puzzle Maze: A chance to test your wits in our family-friendly puzzle maze which took up to an hour or more to complete.
  • Kids' Maze: A shorter maze made just for little ones which took up to up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Haunted Maze: A spooky Haunted Maze after dark—inspired by ghost stories and legends of the region.

The 1859 Balloon Voyage was also available to ride for a bird's-eye view.

Sponsored by:

Jack O Lantern

The Mysterious History of Amsel Farm

The dark history of Amsel Farm begins more than 100 years ago on an isolated farm located along the White River, when farmer Johan Amsel killed more than a dozen farmhands, buried their bodies in his cornfield, and made his descent into madness. As he spiraled, Amsel believed the crows were speaking to him—even guiding him in his dark treachery.

Legend has it that Amsel escaped police custody on his way to the insane asylum and returned to the farm to the quiet solitude of the corn to continue his terrible deeds.

Decades after the murders, the mysterious history of Amsel Farm continued. In 1940, two teenage boys vanished after telling their parents they intended to visit the old farm. Police were sent to search the sprawling property, but they found no clues except for a bloody shoe and a cacophonous murder of crows.

In the many years since the murders, the farm has become something of a Halloween attraction, with brave souls looking to verify the countless urban legends. And it’s been said that, on some nights. . . the farmer’s ghost can be seen walking the fields.

In late summer 2021, the paranormal investigative team “Spectre Search” launched a new case to get to the bottom of the 100-year mystery surrounding Amsel Farm. Learn more about Spectre Search and follow their search for the truth in Conner Prairie's haunted corn maze this fall during Headless Horseman—if you dare!

Follow along with Spectre Search's investigation as the search for the truth of Amsel Farm.