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Civil War Female Soldiers

Women were not allowed to fight as soldiers in the American Civil War. However a few women did manage to disguise themselves and fight in the war. Come to Civil War Journey and hear tales of women who did fight in the war. Visit with costumed characters and hear how a woman would disguise herself and why she would choose to fight.

Rumors abound in Civil War Journey about a suspicious soldier who may not be what he – or she – seems. Is there a woman in disguise in the Union Army? Track her story by speaking to the people in Dupont, face some of the challenges she faces, and then learn the stories of real women who served as female soldiers in disguise during the Civil War.

Guests will be handed question cards to prompt conversations between them and costumed characters in Dupont about the rumors in town about a female solider in disguise. Characters will reveal clues about this women’s identity, motivations, and their own opinion of her actions. The action culminates when the guests have to put themselves in her shoes and answer what they would do when faced which a challenge the female solider faces. Learn more about the lives of actual women who fought in disguise in the Civil War and post your thoughts on our opinion board of challenges women face in the military, then and today.

July 13 & 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Civil War Female Soliders