Not Your 4th Grade Field Trip

Join us for Chautauqua series, where curious adults can grab a drink and think at a thought-provoking, interactive, and social event!

A series of special evenings that marry education and entertainment, thoughtfulness and humor, food and drink – all based on a chosen theme. Each guest will receive a signature cocktail based on the evening's topic (cash bar also available), enjoy themed light appetizers, and participate in a variety of edutainment presentations designed to engage the brain and enrich the soul.

Each evening is based on a central theme. A selection of presenters will share information and/or hands-on activities related to theme.

Adults only, Ages 21+

For 2020:

Friday, March 20: Mammoth Loaf Party
Friday, May 1: Trashed!

Coming Soon:

Friday, August 28: topic to be announced...
Friday, October 2: topic to be announced...


Friday, March 20 - Mammoth Loaf Party - Cancelled

COVID-19 and the current concerns of community spread have raised novel issues for us and many other businesses. Due to safety concerns, Conner Prairie is cancelling the March 20th Chautauqua.

Friday, May 1 - Trashed!

Most people have heard that early Americans eschewed water for beer, but how much alcohol were they really drinking, and where did cocktails come in? What can anthropologists and archeologists tells us about how people lived in the past, based on the trash they left behind? Join us for a fun evening of trash talk!