Welcome to William Conner House

Welcome to one of Indiana’s oldest brick homes, the one-time residence of William Conner and his family. They experienced a period of transition and change at the same time Indiana was moving from territory to statehood. Enter through the family’s front door—located on the prairie side of the house—and immerse yourself in exhibits and activities that explore the questions of the day. See how land was settled, surveyed and sold. Imagine your life in a house like this. What would you have eaten? What would you wear each day? This is the perfect place to discover what pioneer life was really like.

Explore One of Indiana's Oldest Homes

Built nearly 200 years ago and newly restored for the Indiana Bicentennial, the Conner House is an immersive experience unlike any other.

Explore A Family's Best

Enter the Best Room, where you can dig deeper into the story of William Conner and his family. Investigate artifacts to explore how this family’s transition mirrored Indiana’s own.

Uncover the Lay of the Land

See how William Conner and his peers purchased land, then design your own town with a fun land game! An interactive map also lets you discover cool facts about Indiana counties.

Cook to Perfection

Experience what the Conner family might have cooked and eaten as you plan a historical menu—you can even snap a photo of recipes to make at home!

Set Your Suitcase Down

Step into the Traveler’s Room, where the Conner family hosted many guests. What would you pack? Where would you sleep? Learn more from visitors like Trowbridge, Bolton and Fletcher.

How a Garden Grows

A family like William Conner’s would have depended on a garden like this. Stroll through and imagine what you would eat if you had to grow or raise all your own food!

Face the Artifacts

Investigating objects from the past can lead to new discoveries. Every room in the house has items you can pick up, inspect and analyze. Reach out and experience history!

Don't Forget the Animals

Take a short walk to the Animal Encounters Barn where you can get up close to farm animals and learn from their caretakers.

Make Life More Colorful

Visit the nearby Loom House and watch as thread is spun, then see how it is transformed into vibrant colors with surprising ingredients like flowers, plants and even bugs!

Your Generosity has a home with a hearth

William Conner House is one of the oldest brick homes in the state of Indiana. Your generous donation to Conner Prairie helps us maintain this treasure, as well as a lush herb garden and an active Loom House.