Treetop Outpost

Open April - October

Treetop Outpost features a 4-story treehouse and fun areas for exploring, building and even playing songs on outdoor instruments.

Come connect with the natural materials in the world around you. Disconnect from gadgets and unplug in a beautiful wooded setting. There's no "one way" to play here!

Follow along as we capture the journey of Conner Prairie's hard work to preserve, educate, and explore the outdoors.

So Much To Do and Explore!

Explore Fort Hoosier

Unleash your wild side at our new play structure  Fort Hoosier located within Treetop Outpost. You'll be able to climb on a cargo net, scale a climbing wall and more!

Dig Up a Piece of the Past

In the dig area at Treetop Outpost, you can pick up a shovel or a brush and see what you might uncover in the sand. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

Make Music

What could be better than making beautiful music? Making it OUTDOORS! Create unique sounds and get in tune with nature.

Build Something

Dream up something amazing, then build it with your own hands using bamboo poles, wood blocks and fabric.

Create a Masterpiece

Today is a great day to make a masterpiece. Paint concrete vases with water, weave through the willows and push a limestone roliquery to create something beautiful!

Tie a Knot

Can you tie a double overhand? What about a lariat loop? Every good explorer needs to know a few helpful knots. Come learn the ropes at our knot tying station!

Take a Closer Look

Use a high-powered magnifying glass to get a closer look at bugs, rocks, leaves…even animal pelts! What can you uncover with your eyes?

Read a Book

Looking to learn something new about nature? Or just sit in a quiet place to get away for a few minutes? Our reading room is a cozy space with fun books for readers of all ages.

Your Generosity helps kids reach new heights

When kids can run freely and dig into the dirt, they discover new things about the world. Your generous donation to Conner Prairie helps us make nature more accessible to more people, opening new pathways for inspiration and growth.