Indoor Experience Areas

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center will be open for all to experience! Our indoor areas are a place for the family to explore and create together. With our Discovery Station, Makesmith Workshop, Create.Connect, and the Lilly Theater, guests will engage in various activities that provide a place for hands-on learning.

Welcome Center At Conner Prairie

Discovery Station

Discovery Station

This indoor area is the perfect place for guests through the age of nine to create, climb, explore, play and pretend!

The Craft Corner introduces the philosophy of “Anything Can Happen" art, where creativity is the main focus. Instead of our past practice of pre-made crafts, we give children and their families complete access to all of our constructive materials. From a variety of craft items, the possibilities of exploration are endless.


In Spark!Lab, we believe everyone is inventive.

Every day we provide opportunities for children and families to explore their inventive creativity—to create, innovate, collaborate, and problem-solve—because these experiences empower kids to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed today and in the future.

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Lilly Theater

At Lilly theater our goal is to encourage the free-flowing performance art experience. There will be puppets, various props and other items to help create an environment that honors the needs and explores the essence of the creative process.

Lilly Theater At Conner Prairie