Welcome to 1836 Prairietown

Immerse yourself in a 19th-century village and interact with the people, animals, objects and routines of life in Central Indiana in 1836. You can study in the one-room schoolhouse, help with chores or watch a tradesperson at work. You'll also meet the residents of Prairietown as they go about their daily lives. You'll learn new skills and they might even tell you stories and share some local gossip. Come prepared to learn and play. Prairietown's success depends on you!


Play a 19th Century Game

It wasn’t all chores in Prairietown. Take a break and learn how kids had fun all those years ago—you can try your hand at hoop and stick, ninepin, French and English, and even walking on stilts!

Meet the Citizens of Prairietown

Watch a blacksmith forge iron, see pottery created from clay at the Barker Brothers’ shop, and track the transformation of simple wood to art and utility at McClure carpentry.

Prairietown's Fate

Our fictional village of Prairietown is based on years of demographic and geographic research. The idea was to create a village that was representative of a newly-founded Indiana town in the 1830s.

Clothing in the 1830s

As you tour 1836 Prairietown, take notice of the clothing worn by the townspeople. Most are wearing basic outfits as they do housework, gardening or a trade. A few may dress a bit fancier than others.


50 Commitments

In 2024, Conner Prairie will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Prairietown, a cornerstone of the Museum’s immersive experiences that have impacted visitors from around the world. To commemorate this landmark anniversary, Conner Prairie is announcing 50 Commitments to the community that will highlight the work the Museum has done and continues to do to provide avenues for cultural enrichment, foster learning, spark curiosity and enhance the human experience.

Our Town is Hoping You Can Help Us Make History Happen!

Even though they are a community of hard workers, the residents of Prairietown depend upon the support of Conner Prairie donors. Each of the buildings you see, whether a barn, home, or storefront, requires maintenance and upkeep that comes from the generosity of visitors like you. Give today to ensure that 1836 Prairietown keeps thriving for centuries to come.