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& Armsmaking Workshops

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Historic Skills Classes & Armsmaking Workshops offer how-to classes and workshops geared to adults and teens in a variety of topics from historic trades. Explore details about our classes below. See something you want to learn more about? Get registered!

Ages 10+ (varies per class)

Please call guest services at (317) 776-6000 for more information about registration.

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Historic Skills Classes & Armsmaking

Blacksmithing: Fun in the Forge

Horn Handled Penny Knife

Leatherworking: Knife Sheaths and Accouterments

Member: $245
Nonmember: $260

Wheel Thrown Pottery

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Historical Foodways

Hearthside Supper Guests Preparing Meal
Photo of food spread out on a table

Cooking over the Hearth

Member: $90
Nonmember: $100

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People trying herbs

Feeding and Healing the Historical Family with Herbs

Member: $70
Nonmember: $75

6Dc Africancuisine070 20230617 3840
6D Africancuisine037 20230617 3840

Historical African American Cuisine

Member: $70
Nonmember: $75

Woman holding Hopps
20230531BrewingClass 5

Historic Brewing

Member: $112
Nonmember: $125

Homemade pickles

Pickles and Probiotics

Member: $70
Nonmember: $75

Photo of pretzels and mustard

Wood-fired Oven Pretzels with homemade mustard

Member: $70
Nonmember: $175

Agriculture Classes

All about Oxen

Member: $65
Nonmember: $75

Two Tunis Sheep
20230114AGClassGoatSheep 28

Raising Sheep and Goats

Member: $70
Nonmember: $75