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Promised land as proving ground

Learn more about African American history and the development of African American faith and culture.

Habitat 2022 LRG 38


Habitats provide homes for all living things, from the tiniest ant to the tallest tree. The exhibition Habitat explores the critical need for varied habitats, how interconnected and fragile they are, and what we can do to protect them.

Current Experiences

Make Pace Lenape Indian Camp

1816 Lenape Indian Camp

Step into Indiana territory and explore the life, culture and relationship between the Lenape Indians and American fur traders.

Prairietown Muller4

1836 Prairietown

Immerse yourself in a 19th-century village and interact with the people, animals, objects and routines of life in Central Indiana in 1836.

Hot Air Balloon In Flight

1859 Balloon Voyage

Explore the history of manned flight and learn about all the work required to lift a balloon into the sky - then be lifted 370 feet over Conner Prairie!

Civil War Journey

1863 Civil War Journey

Step into living history and experience the town of Dupont, Indiana shortly after a Confederate raid.

Ag Adventures 5

AG Adventures Playground

Ag Adventures at Estridge Family Park was created as a place where all children, with all abilities, can play alongside each other.

kids with sheep

Animal Encounters

Get up close and interact with your favorite farm friends! Learn about animal husbandry, life cycles and silly and surprising animal behaviors.

Family walking the trails at Conner Prairie

Nature Walk

Walk along the levee to discover the plants and animals that call this land home. Along the way, you'll learn how this land was used in the past and how it is being used today.

River Crossing

River Crossing Splash Pad

Our Civil War-themed splash area is the perfect place to cool down during your visit. Kids can have fun boarding the Alice Dean steamboat, firing water cannons, guiding toy boats along the river, and more.

Treetop Outpost

Treetop Outpost

Come connect with the natural materials in the world around you. Treetop Outpost features a 4-story treehouse and fun areas for exploring, building and even playing songs on outdoor instruments.

FallCP 0001

Trails at Conner Prairie

Find a deeper connection with nature as you explore the wonders of the natural world through the prairie and along the oxbow of the White River.

William Conner House

William Conner House

Explore exhibits and activities to discover what pioneer life was really like in one of Indiana's oldest brick homes.

William Conner House and balloon voyage

Things to do

From activities for kids to adult events and accessibility programming, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Conner Prairie.

Person working on pottery

Classes & Camps

From pottery and felting to wood-working and arms-making, explore the classes and workshops available at Conner Prairie.

Symphony on the Prairie

Symphony on the prairie

From lineups to frequently asked questions and more, get all of your information on the 2022 Kroger Symphony on the Prairie Season.