Treetop Outpost Learning Materials

Treetop Outpost is a wonder-filled place to visit while at Conner Prairie. Its intended purpose is a place for children to play and reconnect with nature. If you take a minute to observe children in this area near the White River, you'll see students discovering new sights and sounds as they make connections with nature. You'll see children weaving and building and climbing and running. Some children pause and rest and read a story while others climb to the top of the trees for a view of a forest canopy, perhaps something they've never seen before. You may hear students ask questions or watch their faces light up as they discover their answers. These children are exploring the outdoors, and continually learning in their play.

While many of the following activities can be used prior to or after your visit to Treetop outpost, you'll notice many of these activities can be used anytime throughout the school year. These lessons are linked to Indiana teaching standards for your convenience. However, the point is to play and learn from our play about each other and the world around us.

A visit to Treetop Outpost is a playful and imaginative experience that we hope you and your class will enjoy in every way.