Civil War Journey Learning Materials

These articles for the classroom and beyond will give your students an opportunity to learn more about Civil War topics. Download the materials you need below.

Student Materials

Print out this storybook about the life of Albert Cheatham, a real-life person who escaped slavery and went on to join the Union Army. Your students can provide the illustrations! Also view: The Story of Albert Cheatham - Read and Respond
(Grades 4 and under)

During the Civil War, children worked together to write their own community newspapers. Your students can create a class newspaper about their experiences in 1863 Civil War Journey.
(Grades 3-5)

Your students can learn about children just like them who left home to become drummers in the Civil War.
(Grades 3-5)

Read through letters from Civil War soldiers to learn about life in the Union and Confederate Armies.
(Grades 8 and up)