Brandy Zollman, Director

Mrs. Z is a lifelong learner and brave disrupter. She has two beautiful young children and enjoys spending time outside with her family and friends. She studied Early Childhood Education at Indiana University and Educational Administration at Missouri State. She taught kindergarten and first grade for many years and worked as a building administrator for Indianapolis Public Schools. Brandy is extremely proud to be an advocate for early learning. She believes childhood + play + nature = MAGIC!

Katie Thomas, Teacher

Ms. Thomas is an artist and creator. Her favorite thing to do is spend time learning with children. She is an IU graduate and has over 25 years’ experience serving early learners. Katie is a mother, granny, and a lover of art and nature. She loves to play and create art with the preschoolers at Conner Prairie.

Emily Land, Teacher

Ms. Emily is an experienced educator and mother of two who has served children and families over the years in a variety of settings, primarily preschool and kindergarten in Bloomington, Indianapolis and Berkeley, California. She is passionate about play-based education, outdoor environments and joyful learning using children’s interests and pursuits as a steady compass. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Indiana University and an Applied Educational Neuroscience Certificate from Butler University.

Preschool on the Prairie staff
Preschool on the Prairie staff - left to right - Brandy, Katie, Emily