Outreach Programs

Have a Conner Prairie experience brought to you! Our highly-trained staff is available to deliver interactive, educational programs right to your classroom. We offer programs like Electricity, Flight, the Civil War and more!

Please contact schoolprograms@connerprairie.org for more information or to make reservations.


The Rhodes Family Incident (Grades 4-12)

Cost: Pricing for this program starts at $150 plus mileage.

Little-known historic events that happened in your own community can provide important perspectives and inspiration that relate to life now. In “The Rhodes Family Incident,” two contemporary college students who grew up in Westfield, Indiana, are surprised to discover a historic racial incident involving escaped slaves that happened in their hometown. This discovery challenges their views of their community and their own identity.

The play, written by Crystal V. Rhodes, was inspired by research into African-American history in Hamilton County and can prompt students to rethink what they know about Indiana history, their communities and even themselves.

This program includes opportunities for questions and answers with Conner Prairie actors. It can be presented in a variety of spaces. Staging and props are minimal.


Cost: Prices start at $125 plus mileage for the following programs.

Programs include the following:

Rebuilding the House of Stone (Grades 4 & 8)
The Civil War not only divided the nation, it also deeply divided families. This one-act play tells the story of Henry and Valentine Stone, two real Indiana brothers who were torn apart when one fought for the North and the other fought for the South. (offered in January and February)

Take Flight! (Grades 2-6)
Learn about the concepts of lift and thrust. Meet a pilot from the early days of flight and hear her story. Make and test a simple airplane made of paper. Discuss the importance of perseverance in innovation and invention.

Electricity (Grades 3 & 4)
A member of a 1930s farm family will visit your classroom to lead a series of activities involving electricity as a power source. Find out about the Rural Electrification Act that brought electricity to American farms. Discuss the pros and cons of using electricity. Build an electrical circuit. Take on roles of different types of farmers and, using a budget, make decisions on what equipment to buy if electricity comes to the farm.

Conner Prairie program development & support provided by:
Indiana Arts Commission