Early Learning

Please note that Allisonville Rd. at 146th St. will close for 90 days beginning on or around March 1. Traffic to Conner Prairie from 146th St. and 116th St. might be heavier than usual.

Playtime on the Prairie season is April through September.

Playtime on the Prairie is a one-hour nature-inspired, deconstructed play experience for early learners ages 0-5 years. Through intentional selection of materials, direct access to nature, and an opportunity for self-directed play, we design the environment and overall experience to inspire curiosity and provide time for children to explore and discover.

Conner Prairie's Early Learning school programming has taken on a new look! Centered around the playing child, our Play Experience Add-Ons offer appropriate curricular support through thoughtful play invitations for all children.

We invite you to join us for STAY & PLAY! A special time to reap the benefits of play and take in the beauty of the season from a beautiful, cozy indoor spot on the Prairie! Students will experience intentional and thoughtful play invitations set up in a relaxing environment that will inspire curiosity, ignite creativity and promote inquiry and discovery.

Preschool on the Prairie combines outdoor exploration with play-based, emergent curriculum to create an educational experience second to none. As Conner Prairie’s vision expands to better serve our youngest visitors, we have created an early learning environment that allows children to immerse themselves in nature and the magic of childhood.

Join us for a morning of Pop-up Play designed especially for early learners to wonder, explore, discover and create! This special time between child and caregiver will be led by our education staff.

From June 1-9th, 2024 join us for a week of Nature Play events in collaboration with Indiana Children and Nature Network (ICAN).