1,046 acres of learning, fit inside your classroom

Introducing a whole new way for students and lifelong learners to engage with Conner Prairie's 1,046 acres virtually: Conner Prairie in the Classroom! Experience history from the comfort and safety of the classroom with bite-sized modules that can be integrated into your lesson plans gradually, or consumed at once during the school day. This digital curriculum includes planning resources and multi-media learning tools to engage groups large and small while meeting the same state standards you've come to expect from an in-person field trip to Conner Prairie.

Bring our staff into the classroom: This pre-recorded digital curriculum will assist you in fostering learning and inspiring curiosity within your students. Each Conner Prairie in the Classroom Module can be completed in one sitting, and includes planning resources and multimedia learning tools to engage groups large and small.

Bring the virtual Conner Prairie to your students today! Access planning resources and content here.

Module 1: Lifeways of the Early Days

Module 2: Navigation, Transportation and Currency

Thank you for your continued partnership, keeping the Conner Prairie experience woven into the rich fabric of Indiana education. Please reach out if you have any questions about Conner Prairie in the Classroom at: