Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Join us January 16, 2023, for this FREE event as we celebrate identity, belonging, community, and love.

Tickets are only available at the ticket desk the day of.
Martin Luther King Jr. believed in love over violence, hope over fear, and unity over divisiveness. His legacy inspires each space, activity, and all content shared with our guests.

Be Love essay contest

Join Conner Prairie's Be Love essay contest that highlights this year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day theme: Love. We invite students to tap into their creativity to win a Conner Prairie membership! Submit your essay to beloveessay@connerprairie.org

Deadline: February 14

March for a cause!

We invite you to join us in a march where you can connect and create your own individual purpose through words and/or images.

Happening throughout the day

  • Teen Room: This space is devoted to all teens! The environment will include soft spaces to relax and think, sympathetic lighting, snacks, and music. Learn about symbols of activism and be encouraged to create symbols of your own using art materials and iPads.
  • Blood Drive: Hosted by Versiti, an opportunity to give back in a big way. Sign up today!
  • Identity Invitations: Connecting our own identities to empathy for the identities of others, mirrors and loose parts will be provided for you to create a transient art representation of yourself.
  • This is Problematic! Podcast: You're invited to record and edit audio of your own with our podcast hosts, Hannah Murphy and Easton Phillips. Listen to the podcast now!
  • Collaborative art: Join us in visually demonstrating the connectedness of the qualities of love and also of the people we share our community with.
  • Charity table: Learn more about the different charities in our communities.
  • Discovery Station: Displaying themed texts of love and belonging.
  • Downstairs: Spark!Lab will be open and it will feature panels of innovative thinkers to encourage your own inventiveness
  • Anything Can Happen Art: Circle-themed play invitations invite you to learn more about connection for our youngest creators.
  • BE LOVE Pledge: As you leave we welcome you to sign the "Be Love Pledge," located in the Welcome Center.
Café in the Overlook room: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Additional Programming

  • Drumming, dancing and singing: Two groups of performers throughout the day that spread love and be love.
  • Films: In Lilly Theater, we will have a video loop featuring the film Courage — telling the stories of courageous members of our community over time, as well as two videos about the Birmingham Children's March. You will have the opportunity to share how courage shows up in your own life. Across from the theater, view last year's collaborative art piece created by artist Israel Solomon.
  • Vocalist: Enjoy the music of Allison Victoria whos message is to love yourself and others.
  • Child Care Answers: Visit their table to learn about how they are serving their communities by connecting families to resources for food, housing, childcare, and caregiver education.
Child adding his string to circles