Conservation Campus

Initiatives of the Master Plan

Conner Prairie is pioneering the museum experience of the future. We see Conner Prairie as a preeminent outdoor history museum and place for experiences that will fully embrace the White River as a resource for its future success and growth. We want to better utilize and steward our segment of land and river in Hamilton County while integrating it more fully with the surrounding areas. Our 25-year site master plan looks to engage, connect, enhance, and sustain these resources while delivering newly inspired guest experiences on the westside of our property in Carmel that will engage over 1,000 acres of land and revitalize the 3.3 miles of the White River flowing through our property.

Zone 1: Food, Farm, and Energy Experience


The Food, Farm, and Energy Experience is a transformational idea that is centered around the legacy of Eli Lilly’s experimental farming in the 20th century to explain food production, farming, and energy production in the 21st century. The Food, Farm, and Energy Experience will present engaging and interactive experiences and will showcase innovation in agriculture and inspire everyone to pursue solutions to feed and power the world.


Unique lodging opportunities will further support innovation, economic development, and tourism on the westside. Other opportunities including food service, meeting and conference space overlooking the White River, which has the potential to convene conferences on environmental sustainability, stewardship, and workforce development.

Zone 2: Land, Water, and Energy Innovation District

Land, Water, and Energy Innovation Center

The Land, Water, and Energy Innovation Center (LWEIC) at Conner Prairie is a transformational opportunity to attract businesses, educational institutions, agencies, and non-profits focusing on developing next practices and innovations in the sustainable management and environmentally wise use of land, water, and energy – all key elements to increasing agricultural production while improving water locally and throughout the world.

White River Education and Ecology Center

The Conner Prairie White River Education and Ecology Center is an opportunity for Conner Prairie, higher education institutions, research organizations and neighboring municipalities to come together to create environmental education, programming, and research.

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