“Conner Prairie is our happy place”


For Tom and Linda Huser, Conner Prairie is their “happy place.” As long-time volunteers and Conner Society donors, the Husers appreciate seeing the impact they have as Conner Prairie continues to evolve.

Like many central Indiana residents, Tom first encountered Conner Prairie as a child on a school field trip. Linda grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and did not visit the Museum until she and Tom moved to Noblesville. While her brother and his family were in town, Linda and Tom spontaneously decided to take their guests to Conner Prairie. The couple has been committed to the Museum ever since.

Deciding to become involved at Conner Prairie was a natural fit for the Husers. As Linda explains, “I was raised to give back to the community and to be involved with museums and organizations. In 2017, I was looking for a place to volunteer. I applied to multiple organizations; however, Conner Prairie was the only one to call. Once I was involved, I fell in love.”

Conner Prairie is a place that holds many great memories for the Husers. Tom shares, “While driving the tractor for Headless Horseman, we pulled up to the first encounter. The ‘horseman’ came out of the woods and people started screaming, then above the screams I heard a younger girl’s voice ask: ‘Can I pet your horse?’” Tom still gets a laugh thinking about it and it’s just one of many favorite memories.

The memories the Husers create each time they volunteer or visit Conner Prairie remind them of why they support the Museum—to grant other community members the chance to form lifelong memories.

For the Husers, being involved at Conner Prairie is more than the everyday fun of volunteering. It is about supporting their local community and the Museum’s commitment to preserving and sharing history.

Inspired by Conner Prairie’s dedication to improving and always telling a more complete story of the past, the Husers became Conner Society members in 2013. The couple decided to further their connection again in 2016 joining the Lantern Legacy Society by making an estate gift, and in 2017 by becoming Conner Society Plus members.

If there is one thing the Husers could share about Conner Prairie, it would be the fact that it is more than your average history museum. Visitors not only “step into the story” throughout the grounds, but they also explore their creativity and learn about important STEM topics through exhibits like SparkLab. Linda also likes to share programs that the general public might not know about, such as Promised Land as Proving Ground, our Sensory Friendly Hours, Preschool on the Prairie, and Teacher-in-Residence program with Hamilton Southeastern Schools. The growth and change the Husers see at Conner Prairie keeps them excited and coming back each year as volunteers and donors.

Learn more about how you, too, can support Conner Prairie’s mission through our Mission Impact Fund, which makes possible the many activities, exhibits, and educational experiences that take place at Conner Prairie.