Module 1 :

Lifeways of the Early Days

This school year, explore Conner Prairie in a whole new way! This digital curriculum will assist you in fostering learning and inspiring curiosity with your students.

Conner Prairie in the Classroom's Module 1 can be completed in one sitting, however there are natural breaks between the three sections should you choose to space out the content to best serve your students.

Module 1: Foodways, Shelter & Stories/Traditions contains original content to engage learners in a unique way, while meeting cross-curricular standards and providing opportunities for students to interact with the material. As you explore the module, we encourage you to utilize the “Suggested Sequence” document as a guide. We've provided this as a comprehensive workbook, AND created smaller, focused documents. On this page you'll find learning objectives, discussion questions, interactive activities, resource links, and more!


  • Describe the process of preparing a meal in Indiana in the 19th century
  • Make connections between how food is grown and prepared now vs. long ago
  • Describe Indiana’s landscape and natural resources
  • Understand the need for various structures in relationship to weather and available materials
  • Compare and contrast lifeways of various cultural groups
  • Define primary sources and explain their significance
  • Identify connections between beliefs and traditions
  • Describe how environmental and human systems impacted life in the 19th century and how they have changed over time

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Teacher Planning Resources

State Standards

Module 1 Indiana State Standards 

Suggested Sequence

Full Module 1 Suggested Sequence Workbook

Discussion Questions & Activities

Questions and activities to prompt student engagement 

supplementary resources

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Part 1: Foodways

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Part 2: Shelter

Part 3: Stories & Traditions

External Resources

Story Spine

Once upon a time…

Every day….

One day…

Because of that…

Because of that…

Because of that…

Until finally…

And ever since then…


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Module 1: Lifeways of the Early Days

 Additional Conner Prairie Content

Conner Prairie is a proud teacher of Indiana history! Use these resources to help round out your students' understanding of Indiana in the 1800s.