Module 2 :

Navigation, Transportation, & Currency

This school year, explore Conner Prairie in a whole new way! This digital curriculum will assist you in fostering learning and inspiring curiosity with your students.

Conner Prairie in the Classroom's Module 2 covers three primary topics; navigation, transportation, and currency. You can complete the module in one sitting, however, there are natural breaks between sections should you choose to space the content out to best serve your students. Below you will find the learning objectives and grade-level state standards for the module. There are discussion questions, additional activities, and resources for each of the three sections. Happy learning!


  • Identify the pros and cons of navigational tools (written directions, compass, and map)
  • Compare and contrast navigation methods from long ago and today
  • Create a map of a familiar space
  • Identify the pros and cons of various modes of transportation (rivers, railways, and roads)
  • Compare and contrast modes of transportation from long ago and today
  • Write about a trip, connecting a personal experience to the characters in the video
  • Identify the pros and cons of types of currency (furs, paper money, and homemade goods)
  • Compare and contrast forms of currency from long ago and today
  • Design a form of currency applying knowledge from the video

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Teacher Planning Resources

State Standards

Module 2 Indiana State Standards 

Suggested Sequence

Full Module 2 Suggested Sequence Workbook

Discussion Questions & Activities

Questions and activities to prompt student engagement 

supplementary resources

Pair these suggested supplementary resources with our provided video content, discussion questions and suggested activities to enhance your student's learning experience!

Part 1: Navigation

Additional Resources:

"Neighborhood Navigator” – Lesson Plan from the Smithsonian

Artifact – Lewis and Clark Expedition Pocket Compass

Navigation Reference Article from Britannica Kids

How to Make a Compass

Part 2: Transportation

Additional Resources

Dug Out Canoe

Balloon Climb

The Ballad of John Wise

"Where's Everyone Going?" (Interactive game from the Smithsonian)

Part 3: Currency

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Module 2: Whizzing Westward: The Race to Hollywood

 Additional Conner Prairie Content

Conner Prairie is a proud teacher of Indiana history! Use these resources to help round out your students' understanding of Indiana in the 1800s.