Join the Adventure Camp Team

Adventure Camp’s mission is to provide everyone a safe and fun summer experience that builds lasting community and encourages personal growth under the skilled leadership of excellent role models. If you’re interested in being a part of a team that delivers an unforgettable camp experience, consider joining us.

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Camp might be right for you if

  • You enjoy working with young people between the ages of 5 and 13
  • You want to have fun, earn a paycheck, and make a difference all at the same time
  • You do your best work in fresh air and sunshine
  • You prefer paddling a canoe or riding a mountain bike to running a register or stocking shelves
  • You’re majoring in education, communication, psychology, nursing, kinesiology/exercise science, social work, management, or any other field where working with people is important

What's in it for you?

  • A sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from spending your summer changing the world for the better
  • A consistent schedule of 40 hours each week without any nights or weekends and a predictable paycheck, starting at $13/hr
  • Free Conner Prairie plus-level membership and other perks like concert tickets
  • Value experience working with young people, with some options for college credit (internships and practicums)

Roles at camp

Qualifications for all roles
  • Age 18+ or a high school graduate by the first day of camp
  • Experience in childcare is required. Experience working with youth at a camp or school is preferred.
  • See individual job descriptions for position-specific qualifications
Lifeguard (training provided)

This isn’t your normal “sit in a guard chair and scan the pool” lifeguard job. Campers swim, fish, and canoe on our 1.5 acre pond, all while wearing a lifejacket. Campers age 8+ canoe on the White River, accompanied by their counselors and a lifeguard. You’ll be surveilling the pond, helping campers catch their first fish, loading and trailering canoes, and getting paid to paddle! On-site lifeguard certification and CPR Pro Rescuer training courses are provided for applicants without a current credential.

Camp Counselor

Counselors are the lifeblood of the camp experience. At Adventure Camp, you’re paired with a co-counselor and assigned to a group of 14-16 young people for the entire week. Get to know these campers while you lead them through activities like swimming, canoeing, fishing, zipline, mountain biking, arts and crafts, and more. Don’t worry about planning your own activities or crafts- that part is done for you so you can focus on delivering an excellent program.

Camp Photographer

As campers and staff experience adventures like swimming, canoeing, and mountain biking, you’re always close by to capture the action with your camera. A photo of each camper and camp group is edited and uploaded to an online platform for viewing and purchasing by parents and guardians. You’ll act with a high degree of autonomy to make sure you get photos of each camper having a GREAT time at camp, and should be comfortable driving a golf cart to travel between activities quickly. Basic experience with photo editing software is required.

Zipline Leader

One of the highlights of camp is our 265 foot long zipline that takes off from a platform 15 feet up in the air. You’ll receive specific training before camp starts to ensure that every camper has a safe and enjoyable experience. You’re the expert on harnesses, helmets, trolleys, slings, and more! You’ll complete daily pre-use inspections of the zipline and low ropes course to ensure safety. You’re in a unique position to meet every camper that comes to camp, and will live out our “Challenge by Choice” philosophy to help campers overcome hesitations and fears.

Mountain Bike Leader

With a fleet of Trek mountain bikes, you’ve got an eye for safety first, and also a need for speed! You’ll adjust bikes and helmets to fit campers, perform basic preventive maintenance and repairs, and ensure the mountain bike course is in tip-top shape. For our younger campers, you’ll supervise their use of pedal go karts on a paved track. While basic repair skills are preferred, a high degree of expertise is not required.

First Aid Specialist

From cuts and scrapes to bumps and bruises, you’re the first call for camper and staff injuries. At an outdoor adventure camp, risk is mitigated but minor injuries still occur. You’ll render basic first aid in line with your skill set and our standing orders, properly control and dispense medication, and escalate an issue to an EMT or other medical professional when necessary. You lend a listening ear to campers experiencing homesickness or uneasiness being at camp. In this role, calm professional communication with parents and guardians is a must, as is detailed record keeping. First Aid/CPR certification and experience is required. This position is eligible for an internship.  

Summer Camp Inclusion

The Camp Inclusion Specialist provides specialized support and guidance to children with behavioral, cognitive or physical needs/challenges. This role is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and enriching camp environment, enabling campers to develop essential social and emotional skills while participating in camp activities. Works as part of a team to deliver a safe, exciting, and educational experience to a group of campers age 5, 6 & 7, 8 & 9, 10 & 11, or 12 & 13.


(adapted from the American Camp Association)

  • Oral Communication Skills
    • You will be required to communicate effectively with people at every level of the organization – campers, fellow staff, and parents/guardians
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • You will be challenged to think on your feet to resolve a myriad of issues around behavior choices, social dynamics, health and safety, and more
  • Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
    • You will model professionalism and compassion by managing a group of campers, while contributing to the growth and development of each camper and colleague
  • Collaborative Skills
    • You will receive on-the-ground, practical, real life training in how to work with a team and help build the culture of our camp community
  • Creativity
    • You will develop innovative and fun ways to engage an audience of two to 200 and implement alternate plans when faced with unexpected changes to the daily routine

2024 Camp Staff Schedule and pay scale

Staff training week begins on May 20 and ends on May 24

Camp is in session from May 28 through August 2

Staff are expected to attend training week and at least 8 of the 10 weeks of camp

Camp staff work Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily, typically working 40 hours/week in these full time, seasonal positions. Benefits are not provided. Overtime, when available, is optional.

Role Pay
First-year Counselors$13.25/hr
First-year Lifeguards$13.50/hr
Returning Counselors$13.75/hr
Returning Lifeguards$14.00/hr
First Aid Specialist, Camp Photographer, Mountain Bike Leader and Zipline Leader$14.00/hr
Summer Camp Inclusion Specialist$14.50/hr

Camp Staff Training

Over the course of a paid week of staff training, you will:

  • Learn the “hard skills” of camp, like how to facilitate each camp activity, where things are located across our expansive grounds, First Aid and CPR, and our youth protection barriers
  • Learn the “soft skills” of camp, like positive behavior supports, working with campers with special needs, conflict resolution, and effective communication
  • Begin building relationships with the other camp staff members that you’ll collaborate with to deliver an excellent camp experience

A Day in the life

8:00 am: Arrive at Conner Prairie, grab your clipboard and radio. Review the day’s schedule with your co-counselor

8:30 am: Campers arrive! Greet them with a smile, get them checked in, and answer any parent/guardian questions

9:00 am: Head on over to the archery range! Give a safety briefing, then help your campers dial in their aim

10:0 0am: Time for a hike in the North Woods! Grab a tree identification guide before you leave, and keep an eye out for squirrels, groundhogs, and white tailed deer

11:00 am: Another group is ready to play a game of Capture the Flag with you!

12:00 pm: Lunch! Each camper brought a lunch and so did you- head to your picnic pavilion to refuel together

1:00 pm: Hot weather and sunshine makes for perfect swimming! Get your campers down to the pond, and back-up the lifeguards as an extra set of eyes on the docks

2:00 pm: Many campers wear their camp shirts on Friday, so take your group to the tie-dye station and flex those creative skills

3:00 pm: The day isn’t complete without a Flavor-Ice! Head back to your pickup location and debrief the day with our campers.

3:30 pm: Ensure each camper is properly signed out by an authorized pickup person, and fill parents/guardians in on the highlights of their camper’s day

4:00 pm: Head home for some rest and relaxation so you come back ready for a different set of activities tomorrow! 

This information provided on this page is for general illustrative purposes and is not a guarantee of job components, outcomes, nor available work hours.

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