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Noelle Leiblic - Team Leader: 1863 Civil War Journey
I am delighted that the opportunity of writing for this staff blog has given me the occasion to interview a new member of the Conner Prairie team—General Manager of Operations (AND my new boss!), Mr. Jason Adams.

Jason brings with him a wonderfully varied background including the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and the Poder Program of Burbank Elementary in Chicago, where Jason served as a Parent-Teacher Liaison and Learning Facilitator, developing math, reading, and creative projects in this supplemental program for underserved youth. Raised in Toronto, Jason spent his high school years in Raleigh, and has also lived in Asheville NC, Chicago, and now Indianapolis!

In what may soon be his rare moments outside of Conner Prairie, Jason enjoys playing for ComedySportz Indianapolis, and creates his own puppet shows by adapting found objects into puppets.

Introducing Jason Adams!
He is thrilled about incorporating a new overhead projector into his puppet presentations. You may find Jason on stage later this summer at the Indy Fringe Festival, where he and his wife will present a “half-magic, half superhero” show called We Have Powers. Jason is thrilled to be at Conner Prairie. He has yet to learn how to knit or sew, but he promises that will be remedied in due time. And I think he also said he would be preparing a weekly pot roast buffet for the staff, so be sure to ask him about that. ;)

Jason’s favorite part of Conner Prairie is the Pepper’s Ghost effect used to present the story of Albert Cheatham. (Did you know that the Pepper’s Ghost effect was first developed in London in 1862? Meanwhile, America was in the midst of Civil War!). You can visit Albert Cheatham in the kitchen of the Porter Family Home at Civil War Journey, or you can read more about him here.

There are so many new and exciting things on the horizon for our 2012 season—new people, new activities, and new ideas to learn and share!  We’ll see you opening weekend March 31 and the rest of the season too!

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