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50 Commitments

In 2024, Conner Prairie will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Prairietown, a cornerstone of the Museum’s immersive experiences that have impacted visitors from around the world. To commemorate this landmark anniversary, Conner Prairie is announcing 50 Commitments to the community that will highlight the work the Museum has done and continues to do to provide avenues for cultural enrichment, foster learning, spark curiosity and enhance the human experience.


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Conner Prairie Celebrates 50th Anniversary with 50 Commitments Aimed at Creating Lasting Impact in the Community

Driven by our mission to inspire curiosity and foster learning by providing engaging and individualized experiences for everyone, learn how we’re making 50 commitments to honor 50 years of the Museum.

Learn more about our 50 commitments through our press release.


Caring for One of Indiana’s Oldest Brick Homes – The William Conner House

At 200 years old, the William Conner House is considered to be one of the first ever brick homes in Central Indiana. Learn how the home has been restored and cared for over the past several decades.

Learn more about the William Conner House and the land it calls home.

Further resources: William Conner House / Collections page

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Providing a Safe Haven for Indiana’s Historic Buildings

With more than 25 historic buildings on our property, Conner Prairie has been the stewards of Indiana History for decades. Discover how all but two of these buildings found their way to the Museum and how we continue to share their significance with guests. 

Learn more about our historic buildings.

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Honoring the Past with Authentic Storytelling

As a way to preserve culture, share knowledge and engage emotions, stories have a way of bringing the past to the present. With many skilled interpreters and staff dedicated to sharing stories reflective of all voices, they inspire, entertain, and create connection among all people. Conner Prairie is committed to storytelling reflective of all voices. 


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Conner Prairie Committed to Creating Space for all Visitors

The board, executives, staff and volunteers of Conner Prairie firmly believe that its mission is expansive – that the past we share encompasses all communities and cultures, and that the individualized experiences we provide are for all people. We believe this mission compels us to create and maintain a culture that values everyone by actively challenging and responding to bias, harassment, and discrimination. Therefore, we are committed to embracing, modeling and leading  ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts that respect and welcome all regardless of age, citizenship, ethnicity, gender identity, marital status, nationality, physical, mental and learning ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

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Conner Prairie Committed to Creating Space for all Visitors

As we prepared for the opening of our newest exhibit, Promised Land as Proving Ground, Conner Prairie along with the creative team from advertising and PR agency, Borshoff, brought together a diverse team to tell the meaningful stories of the historical figures behind the exhibit. We are committed to highlighting a variety of voices and stories representative of all guests. 


Conner Prairie Committed to Helping Others Preserve History

Early in 2023, a group of experts from Conner Prairie traveled to the Whitney Museum to help their team restore historic buildings damaged during Hurricane Ida. Using their expertise of historic trades, the teams worked together to restore one of the buildings damaged during the storm. 

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Storytelling Through Art

Conner Prairie launched its first ever artist-in-residence program as part of the Promised Land as Proving Ground experience. Artist Israel Solomon has been creating art based on his interpretation of the exhibit’s themes. In addition to these inspirational pieces, he will lead community engagement opportunities for youth in Marion and Hamilton Counties. His artwork will be on display when the exhibit fully opens. The artist-in-residence program is made possible by the Efroymson Family Fund.


09 Women Gregory House 6

Honoring Women Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

Conner Prairie is committed to celebrating women during Women's History Month and beyond. From significant women in history who have influenced experiences at Conner Prairie, to the women who inspire us today and those who will come after us, we are committed to lifting their stories and voices. 

10 Gardens 20230725OPLPGFletcherGarden 27

Conner Prairie is Committed to Sowing New Relationships to Highlight History

Many community partners have come together to influence the creation of Conner Prairie's newest exhibit, Promised Land as Proving Ground. One partnership is with the Green Thumb Garden Patrol, coordinated by Camille. Each week during gardening season, Camille brings a group of children to plant, tend, and sow the Promised Land as Proving Ground exhibit gardens featuring foods significant to African American History. Learn more about how this partnership is helping address food deserts in Indianapolis. 

Learn more about our newest exhibit Promised Land as Proving Ground.
Further resources: Beyond Soul Food edible Indy article

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This is Problematic! Podcast Highlights a Diversity of Voices

Through a dynamic and energetic podcast, Conner Prairie is bringing to light often untold histories. This is Problematic! Podcast hosts Easton Phillips and Zoe Morgan bring new perspectives to a number of topics relevant to what's happening in the world today. ​

To learn more about This is Problematic! Podcast and listen to the latest episode click here.

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Opening Doors to More Diverse Audiences With International Coalition 

Conner Prairie is committed to opening doors to a more diverse audience reflective of the local, state and national communities we serve. Named as a Site of Conscience by International Sites of Conscience, the Museum strives to provide safe spaces to remember by enabling visitors to make connections between the past and present. To continue this work, staff participate in trainings and conversations to embody this vision.

Learn more about the important work Conner Prairie is doing as a Site of Conscience.
Learn more about Sites of Conscience.

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Joining Forces with Other Attractions to Provide Opportunities at Reduced Cost

Conner Prairie is proud to join forces with other local museums and cultural attractions to make fun family learning more accessible through the Access Pass program, developed and administered through the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Families that meet the program requirements can visit Conner Prairie and all participating locations for just $2 per family member per visit, for up to two adults and dependent youth living in the household. Conner Prairie is committed to providing engaging, individualized, learning opportunities for everyone.

Learn more about the Access Pass Program.


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Conner Prairie is Committed to Helping Guests Spark their Curiosity in Nature

At Conner Prairie, we welcome all guests to experience nature in their own way – and we want to support your curious spirit by providing a variety of tools. To help you learn, explore and tap into new adventures Conner Prairie offers free Adventure Backpacks rentals filled with everything you need to connect to nature in your own way.

Learn more about Adventure Backpacks.
Learn more about how to use them at Treetop Outpost.

Ecology Center River Road Entrance

Connecting Community Through a Shared Vision of the White River​

As Conner Prairie envisions plans for the Conservation Campus, the White River Education and Ecology Center is an opportunity for Conner Prairie, higher education institutions, research organizations and neighboring municipalities to come together to create environmental education, programming, and research. The Center will allow visitors to experience the White River and its role in the regional ecosystem and will complement other planned environmental and programmatic improvements in this area.​

Learn more about the White River Education and Ecology Center.

Areal view of the White River

Conner Prairie is Committed to Creating a More Sustainable Future

Conner Prairie is committed to being a leader in museum sustainability. From taking a Clear Choices Clean Water Action Pledge, to White river Cleanup Days, the Sustainability Task Force at Conner Prairie is leading the way to create a more sustainable future for our community. Learn more about our sustainability efforts and how you can help. ​

Learn more about sustainability at Conner Prairie.

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Conner Prairie Committed to Protecting Drinking Water for Hamilton County Residents​

As a significant steward of the White River, Conner Prairie is committed to protecting this vital resource. Efforts to ensure more than half a million residents have access to clean drinking water, Conner Prairie partnered with the Duke Energy Foundation to stabilize the shoreline and plant trees on the Museum’s property. These projects are a few of the ways the Museum is working to protect and leverage the river as a resource for future generations. ​


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Conner Prairie Committed to Preserving Endangered Livestock

Conner Prairie is home to some of the rarest animals in the world. As the caretakers of five different heritage breed animals, the Museum is playing a critical role in preserving the history of heritage breed animals as we work to proactively raise awareness and educate guests on the importance of these animals. Join us during Heritage Breeds Week to meet these rare animals and learn how you can help!​

Learn more Heritage Breeds Week.
Further resources: blogs and livestock conservancy webpages

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Preserving a Legacy of Agriculture​

At Conner Prairie, we are passionate about agriculture and determined to keep the history of our land and historic breeds alive by showcasing how they contribute to our community, state, nation and the world. Follow us as we capture the journey and history of agriculture at Conner Prairie, from the Lenape tribe and William Conner to Eli Lilly and who we are today. Learn about the history of the land Conner Prairie calls home and its long legacy of agriculture. ​

Learn more about agriculture at Conner Prairie.
Further resources: blogs

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Helping Youth Development Leadership Skills Through Agriculture​​

Youth Agriculture Captains are a key part of the Conner Prairie team. These youth volunteers help guests learn about the heritage breed animals that call Conner Prairie home while gaining valuable life skills they take beyond the boundaries of the Museum. Learn more about how you can get involved and play a vital role in preserving these rare breeds and educating guests on their importance. ​

Learn more through our blog Ignite Your Curiosity as a Youth Volunteer.

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Preserving Heirloom Plants

Each year Conner Prairie hosts an heirloom plant sale open to the public featuring endangered, rare plants. These plants play an important role in ensuring genetic security of what we eat. Learn more about what defines an heirloom plant, how Conner Prairie is keeping these rare plants top of mind through our historic gardens and how you can play a role in preserving these unique plants. ​

Learn more through our blog The Impact of a Simple Seed.


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Conner Prairie Committed to Being a Place for Everyone​

Conner Prairie is committed to being a place where everyone sees themselves. In addition to our commitment to more diverse storytelling, the Museum is committed to engaging with the community through various partnerships and events, including Indy Pride Festival. 

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History, Culture and Inclusivity Through Youth Theatre​

Conner Prairie has partnered with Asante Children's Theatre for many years on the Academy Summer Intensive to provide inclusive programming through history, art, and culture. Learn more about Conner Prairie's commitment to engaging youth through this program. ​

Future Black Leader Club

Conner Prairie Committed to Lifting Voices During Juneteenth Celebration​

As host site for the Juneteenth Jubilee, organized by Fishers Arts Council and Fishers High School's Future Black Leaders Club, Conner Prairie is committed to lifting a diversity of voices in celebration of Juneteenth. 

Learn more about this year's Juneteenth Jubilee.

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Engaging Young Professionals for a Brighter Future

The Conner Prairie Horizon Council is an energetic, young professionals group comprised of volunteers ages 21 to 40 who share ideas, engage in strategic planning, fundraise and take part in special events.  Their voices are heard and perspectives captured as they help envision the Conner Prairie of the future. Conner Prairie is committed to engaging these young leaders in our community to build a better, bolder future for Conner Prairie. Learn how you can get involved today!

Learn more about the Horizon Council.

06 05 Volunteer Program Me And Some Of My Volunteers At The Carmel Library Volunteer Fair

Ignite Your Curiosity as a Volunteer​

In 2023, more than 218 volunteers devoted more than 20,000 hours to make Conner Prairie a welcoming, engaging experience for our guests. Through the efforts of our dedicated and passionate volunteers, guests are able to Step Into the Story of Indiana’s past, present, and future at our unique museum where history, art, science, and nature come to life. 

To learn how you can get involved click here


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Conner Prairie is Committed to Making Meaningful Connections Through Learning​

Learning at Conner Prairie is unique and personal. With numerous learning opportunities for guests of all ages, we are committed to offering guests the time and freedom to notice, to explore, to question, to feel, to play, and to sink into the process of learning, erasing the pressure of an expected outcome or final product. Learn more about our Learning Philosophy and how we aim to connect with each and every guest when they visit Conner Prairie.​

Learn more though our blogs and Preschool on the Prairie page.

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Conner Prairie is Committed to Helping Families Connect With Nature Through We Can Camp!​

Conner Prairie is committed to helping families enjoy quality time together in a beautiful, natural setting, perfect for bonding and creating lasting memories. Through the We Can Camp! program, families can experience hands-on activities, learn camping skills, and immerse themselves in nature. With expert guidance and all necessary equipment provided, families can focus on fun, relaxation, and adventure. There are two more opportunities to participate this year! Members get an additional discount.

Learn more about We Can Camp!

07 03 Ella Satterfield And Longhorn Calf

Conner Prairie is Committed to Helping Youth Build a Foundation for their Future Through Volunteering​

Conner Prairie is committed to giving talented young individuals the opportunity to grow through Conner Prairie's enriching environment. Through two different types of youth volunteer opportunities, young individuals can help support Conner Prairie's mission to inspire curiosity and foster learning by providing engaging and individualized experiences for everyone. Learn about youth volunteering options today!​

Learn more about our Youth Volunteer program through our blog: The Impact of the Youth Leadership program.
Discover how you can join our Youth Volunteer Program.

07 04 2022 Summer Interns

Conner Prairie is Committed to Helping Young Leaders Explore Career Opportunities through Prairieships​​

Through paid internships, known as Prairieships at Conner Prairie, young individuals are able to explore a number of career fields in a unique setting. We are committed to providing resume-building work experiences for the next generation through these unique opportunities made possible by Bank of America. 

Learn more about Prairieships.