Letters Home: Holidays and the Civil War

Letters Home: Holidays and the Civil War, highlights the communications between soldiers and their families during the American Civil War. Featuring excerpts of letters from Hoosiers during a tumultuous time in our country's history, Letters Home, explores their hopes and fears as well as their day to day activities. The exhibit offers a window into what these Americans were thinking and feeling during the holidays in a time of war.

This exhibit is open Dec. 1  Jan. 6, Thursdays – Sundays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (included with general admission).

Also see the accomanying play,
Tales at the Holidays: Letters from the Civil War.
This two person play uses song, dance, and puppetery to tell the intriguing story of brave mail couriers during the Civil War.

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Tales at the Holidays - Letters from the Civil War