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Prairie Plates

Ivy Tech's 100 Mile Brunch

Get ready for a gourmet brunch featuring products obtained within a 100-mile radius of Conner Prairie!

Chef Jeffery Alan Bricker and his talented students from Ivy Tech’s Hospitality Administration program are back to prepare a gourmet brunch featuring products obtained within a 100-mile radius of Conner Prairie.

The program begins with a special reception at the Golden Eagle Inn – in Prairietown – featuring historic recipes prepared by Conner Prairie’s Foodways staff. Then, move into Conner Prairie's beautiful Overlook Room for brunch.

Join us for this encore of last year's wildly popular event.

Check out photos from last year's 100 Mile Brunch.

Golden Eagle Inn at 1836 Prairietown
In the early 19th century, folks in Indiana took advantage of the bounty of autumn – the apple – and brought its natural sweetness into their food and drink. Lend a hand to Prairietown residents the Zimmermans at the Golden Eagle Inn as they press fresh cider from the last of the season’s harvest, and get a taste of one of history’s most versatile and enduring flavors.

Golden Eagle Inn

  • Reception Beverage
    Spiced Persimmon Bellini
    Twin Tykes Persimmon., Champagne style beer from Taxman Brewing Co.
  • Tasting Menu
    Fresh Pressed Cider
    Cold Cider Pea Soup with Chive Cream
    Ossabaw Cider Sausage
    Dried Apple Hand Pies

Overlook Room

  • Brunch Cocktail: Hoosier Bloody Mary
    Wilkes & Wilkes Bloody Mary mix, Hotel Tango Vodka
  • An Assortment of Pastries/Scones
  • First Course: Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
    Butternut Squash from Ivy Tech garden, Tuttle Orchard Apples and Apple Cider
  • Second Course: Waldorf Salad w/Bleu Cheese & Hickory Nuts
    Tuttle Orchard Honeycrisp Apples, Celery, Trader’s Point Creamery Yogurt, Bastin Farms Honey, Tulip Tree Larkspur Bleu cheese, Green River Greenhouse Romaine and Hickory Nuts
  • Third Course: Torta w/ Onions, Potatoes, Duck Sausage and Haymaids Cheese
    Spanish style Torta with onions from Ivy Tech garden, Garwood Farms potatoes, Eden Prairie Farm Eggs, Maple Leaf Farm Duck Sausage and Tulip Tree Haymaids Cheese
  • Fourth Course: Pumpkin Spice French Toast
    Pumpkin from Ivy Tech garden, Brioche from Ivy Tech Yeast Breads class, Eden Prairie Farm Eggs, Traders Point Creamery milk and cream

$65 ($60/member)

Prairie Plates is Conner Prairie's uniqe foodie experience for adults. It celebrates the farm-to-table food and craft drink movement with unique dining experiences throughout our grounds, featuring the region's top chefs and gourmet artisans.
Ages 21+


  • November 4, 2017 - November 4, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Ivy Tech's 100 Mile Brunch

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