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More Light: Douglass Returns

Discover the violent and ultimately triumphant connection of Frederick Douglass to the Hoosier state during this powerful theater production.

Following a successful premiere in 2017, Asante Children’s Theatre and Conner Prairie will reprise More Light: Douglass Returns.

This full-length play by Celeste Williams was inspired by the historic return to India na byFrederick Douglass in 1880. He was cheered at a political rally in Noblesville after being nearly killed by a mob in Pendleton in 1838.

The play connects to the local history of the Roberts Settlement, the first mixed-race settlement in Hamilton County. This return of More Light also coincides with Frederick Douglass’ bicentennial celebration year.

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'More Light: Douglass Returns' is supported by the Christel DeHaan Family Foundation and is part of the Giving Voice Initiative.

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

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More Light: Douglass Returns

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