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Land Sale

Would you like to be a land owner and settle in the beautiful and growing village of Prairietown? Dr. Campbell, town founder and land speculator, has choice town lots and out lots for sale! Would you like a couple of town lots upon which you could build your home and business? Or perhaps you would prefer an 80 acre farm plot featuring fertile soil and spring fed streams. There is even an irregularly shaped plot near the river that would make a good mill site. Spend the early part of the day earning money around town, find partners to combine your earnings with, and come place your bids as these choice town lots are auctioned off to prospective settlers.

Guests will have a chance to 'bid' on vacant lots in Prairietown with auction style bidding occurring at 2 p.m.
Up until the auction, guests will be able to earn money in town.


Land Sale is presented by
September 3, 2 - 3pm
FREE with general admission