Festival of Machines

Celebrate Indiana's rich history of transportation at this two-day event. Get up close to elite cars, steam engines, helicopters and more!

Step on the gas and get a move on to this one-of-a-kind event celebrating Indiana’s rich history of designing, building and innovating amazing machines.

Our event in September features vintage cars, aircraft, military vehicles, steam engines, firetrucks and tons of activities for kids. The Festival of Machines is a perfect outdoor escapade for the whole family to enjoy.

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    Love things with wings and propellers? Be sure to visit our high-flying machines.


  • Investigate flight with aircraft displays, engines, control panels and more with Indy Flyers.
  • See vintage helicopters from Indiana Air Search and Rescue
  • Explore an air ambulance from St. Vincent Statflight
  • Watch RC aircraft demonstrations with the Northeast Side Taildraggers
    Take a look at some powerhouses, including tractors, firetrucks, military vehicles and more.

    heavy duty machines

  • Explore antique tractors, steam engines and small historic engines. See how they run and watch as they perform different tasks.
  • TRACTOR PARADE: Sit back and watch these historic giants strut their stuff.
  • See vintage fire trucks and take part in cool water games.
  • BIG MACHINES PETTING ZOO: Get up close to tools and machines that help with BIG jobs. With Reynolds Farm Equipment, MacAllister Caterpillar, City of Fishers, Indiana National Guard, IMI, Busby Drilling Company

Check out the future of transportation with Cummins, Blue Indy, Greenfield Central High School Rover Team, Hoverstream and IndianaFirst Robotics

driving robots

Special Thanks to Classic Car Club of America.

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Festival of Machines

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