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Corn Maze FAQs

What is the corn maze at Conner Prairie?
The corn maze at Conner Prairie is a new attraction this fall. It is located on the prairie. It actually contains two routes, a long one and a short one.

When does it open?
The corn maze at Conner Prairie opens to the general public Sept. 23 and closes on the last day of the museum’s outdoor season, Oct. 29.

How big is it?
Total, the maze spans 7 acres. That’s 300,000 square feet of corn.

How long does it take to go through?
The long maze takes about an hour or more for guests to get through. The short maze is designed to take about 30 minutes to navigate and is recommended for younger children.

Is the maze haunted or scary?
The maze is not haunted and not intended to be scary. However, during nighttime hours that the maze is open, the darkness could be scary for younger children. The maze will be lit with one flood light and lanterns will be placed inside to help light the paths.

Does it cost to go through it?
The daytime corn maze is only open to guests who have paid museum general admission and members. It cannot be purchased as a standalone attraction. During normal museum hours, which is 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays through Oct. 29, the corn maze will cost $5 for the general public and $4 for members of Conner Prairie. Children under age 2 can go through free of charge.

Are their age requirements or restrictions?
Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while navigating through the corn maze.

Is the corn maze open during Headless Horseman?
Yes, the maze will be open on Headless Horseman festival nights. There is no charge to go through the maze for those attending the Headless Horseman festival. The last guests will be admitted into the maze at around 9 p.m.