Escape the Prairie

Something mysterious is afoot in the Lenape Village and Trading Post cabins at Conner Prairie. Can you and your team of sleuths solve the mysteries and escape the cabins?

HSE student interns have created two different escape puzzle style experiences using the cabins in the Lenape Camp area of Conner Prairie. There will be two groups of six per session. Participants will have 45 minutes to try and find clues to solve puzzles and codes to escape their cabin.

The Forgotten Family

Stories of the Stanley family disappearance have been in circulation through your town for weeks. Local rumor has it, the father went missing first, and soon after the rest of the family vanished. Some people say the father abandoned his family, and without him they couldn’t keep up and found a new place up the river. The most popular theory is that the patriarch went crazy and killed the family and himself, and their ghosts haunt the cabin. Curiosity has finally gotten the best of you, and you must check it out. After wandering the woods, you find the mysterious cabin. Once inside, the place is actually pretty creepy; you try to leave, but find the door is locked! Was it the ghost? Will you uncover the clues and secrets in the Stanley family cabin and escape?

Trading Post

It's late at night when you notice that your grandmother, who has been ill, is getting worse. You feel her forehead; she’s burning up. You know with a fever that high, she won’t survive without medicine. The only place within miles that carries the right concoction is the fur trader. He won’t be open until the sun comes up, but there’s no time to wait, and you’ll pay him later for whatever you take. You run to the trading post and step inside, and the door slams shut behind you – you’re locked in! Can you find the medicine, find your way out, and save Grandma? Time is running out!
Price: $13 ($11 with student ID), or $60 if you purchase all 6 tickets of a session.
All Ages, participants age 15 or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
Each 45 minute session is two groups of six, starting at 5:45 p.m.