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Conner Prairie Store

Conner Prairie Store

We have unique gifts and treats for guests of all ages and interests.

The Conner Prairie Store offers a local shopping experience where you can find unique gifts, old-fashioned candy, locally made preserves, prairie games, jewelry, and much more. The store is located inside the Welcome Center and no admission is required to shop.

Not able to make it to the Conner Prairie Store? The items below can be purchased over the phone and shipped to you, including sought-after period clothing for children and handmade pottery created by our very own artisans.

Browse items below, then fill out this product request form; we'll contact you for payment and shipping details. Prices do not include shipping.


Prairie Clothing for Kids
Girl’s Prairie Dresses made exclusively for Conner Prairie
Dress up for a school program or for play at home. Made in Indiana. 100% cotton. Dresses are assorted patterns and colors and include a white day cap and white apron.
Sizes:  XS (4)   S (6)   M (8-10)   L (12-14)   XL (16)  
$60  Member price $54

Boy’s Prairie Outfit made exclusively for Conner Prairie
Made in Indiana. 100% cotton. Includes white shirt, vest, kerchief and flat top straw hat.
Sizes:  S (6-8)   M (10-12)   L (14)  
$60  Member price $54

Prairie Sunbonnets
Perfect for school dress up days or out in the garden. Assorted floral prints. Poly/Cotton.
Sizes:  Infant S, M, L, XL (fits most adults)    
$11.95  Member price $10.75 
Civil War Clothing
Civil War Caps
Top off your soldier uniform. Navy Blue (Union), or Grey (Confederate). 100% cotton.
Sizes: S, M, L
$8.00  Member Price $7.25

Civil War Uniform Jacket
Dress like a soldier. Navy Blue (Union), or Grey (Confederate). 100% cotton.
Sizes: S (child 10-12),    M (child 14-16),   L (adult small)
$27.95 Member Price $25.20

Coonskin Hats
Dress the part of an early mountain man. Faux fur cap with real raccoon tail.
Sizes: Child’s S, M, L  
$8 Member Price $7.25

Salt Glaze or SpongewareTankard 
Made at Conner Prairie by our master potter. Choose from blue and white spongeware, floral, “Indiana”, leaf, bird, or “Conner Prairie” design. Microwaveable, dishwasher safe, lead free.
$17.50  Member Price $15.75
Opening Doors
Opening Doors DVD
Learn about the novel Opening Doors method of actively engaging with guests so they will want to come back! Opening Doors is all about the reasons why Conner Prairie switched from talking at our guests to adapting our interactions based on the guest's interests. 

All ages


  • May 2, 2015 - May 2, 2015 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM


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