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Take us to new heights.

Our donor clubs are perfect for those who love Conner Prairie and want to ensure others have the opportunity to be inspired here, too. It’s your opportunity to spur future leaders and provide life-changing experiences. These memberships, which include a small gift, give you a wide array of benefits and exclusive access experiences while providing necessary funds for Conner Prairie’s continued preservation of our past.

If you are passionate about history, science, art, nature, learning, or fun, we have a place for you. We have a variety of levels, all of which provide you with incredible opportunities and support Conner Prairie’s continued growth. Come see what’s right for you!

To help us achieve our ambitious goals, we've created four donor club levels, providing a range of tax-deductible options and member benefits to fit your financial and philanthropic needs.

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donategoals-(1).pngOUR ANNUAL FUND

Help us achieve our ambitious goals.

At Conner Prairie, every guest has the opportunity to jump headfirst into learning in a way that is completely unique. Conner Prairie is a place where curiosity and adventure go hand in hand, a place where your family can befriend an 1816 Lenape trader, 1836 doctor and Civil War soldier, a place unlike anywhere else.

Our goal is to bring history to life, to preserve our past and to inspire guests of all ages to become lifelong learners. But we can’t do it without your help. We rely on the support of donors and sponsors like you to be the spark that ignites a lifelong passion for knowledge.
Your annual fund gift is 100% tax-deductible and provides the necessary support for youth volunteer leadership initiatives, heritage breed preservation, school field trips, reduced admission for veteran families and underserved populations, program development and so much more. Give a gift to Conner Prairie today!

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Leave a legacy.

We all want to leave the world a better place. With a planned gift, you will make an impact on children and families for generations to come. Your simple act of generosity will help inspire curiosity for people of all ages. We would love to talk more with you about the legacy you’d like to leave. Contact us at (317) 776-6000 ext. 271.

Charitable Bequest
Your attorney can help you design an estate plan that protects your family, preserves your property, and benefits Conner Prairie. You can bequeath a percentage of your estate to Conner Prairie, a dollar amount, specific property such as antiques, or the remainder of your estate. Sample bequest language:  "I hereby give ____% of my estate (or specific assets) to Conner Prairie Museum, 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, Indiana, for its general purposes."

Charitable Gift Annuity
A charitable gift annuity provides a structured way to give to Conner Prairie while securing your own future. A gift annuity purchaser secures immediate tax relief, in addition to a dependable retirement income stream.

Charitable Lead Trust
A charitable lead trust is designed to reduce taxes on an estate by first donating a portion of the trust's income to a charity, like Conner Prairie, before transferring the remainder of the trust to the beneficiaries after a specified period of time. This reduces estate taxes for your heirs, while helping organizations like Conner Prairie. 

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust allows you to donate generously to Conner Prairie, while providing a big tax break to you and your heirs. As the trustee of your trust, Conner Prairie manages or invests the property so it will produce income for you. Conner Prairie pays you a portion of the income generated by the trust property for a certain number of years, or for your whole life, depending on the payment period you define. At the payment period, the property goes to Conner Prairie.

We’ll help you determine the best way to benefit through a planned gift. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Please contact our development office at (317) 776-6000 ext. 271.

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