Brackets For Good

brackets for goodThank you for your interest in being one of the MVPs for Conner Prairie as we progress through the 2017 Brackets For Good Tournament!

We’re calling on you, our Conner Prairie fans, to help us out fundraise the competition and earn the right to cut the net down in the championship round! Let’s dive into our top secret playbook to draw up some game winning “x’s and o’s”.

Champ - Brackets for Good mascotFAQs

What is Brackets For Good (aka “BFG”)?

Brackets For Good is the sport for nonprofits. Inspired by college basketball brackets, Brackets For Good is a charitable, online fundraising tournament where up to 64 hand-selected, local nonprofits with a 501(c)3 status in good standing compete for donations while earning increased awareness along the way. All participating nonprofits have a chance at winning a $10,000 unrestricted grant courtesy of the tournament’s presenting sponsor.

How does it work?

Picture the annual college basketball tournament in March. Now, replace the teams with nonprofits. Organizations go head-to-head in a single elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament at bfg.org. During each week-long round donors visit bfg.org, select the nonprofits they wish to support, and donate money to help them advance to the next round ($1 = 1 Point). At the end of each round the nonprofit with more points advances and the points reset.

Who is Brackets For Good for?

Brackets For Good is designed to engage local philanthropists no matter if they are the CEO at a multi-billion dollar company, a director at a small nonprofit, a full-time mom, a local sports fanatic, or a young professional with new found disposable income. Brackets For Good is a platform for activating these like-minded individuals who want to support and continue the good-natured initiatives happening in their community.


There are several ways to participate.

1. Donate
2. Spread the Word
3. Donate AND Spread the Word

The game clock and score for our current match-up is at the bottom of this page. The DONATE NOW button will take you directly to the BFG checkout page with Conner Prairie already in your donation cart. How easy is that?

After you’ve donated, share with your friends and family that we need their help to sink the competition. E-mails, social media posts, and word of mouth are some of the easiest ways to help spread the word about what you care about and how you supported Conner Prairie to the people you care about.


The point totals reset at the beginning of each round. To help us go further in the tournament, we encourage you to spread the amount you’re willing to donate throughout the tournament.

Score 3 for BFG

When you register with Brackets For Good, you’ll be asked to fill out a donor profile. When you completely fill out your donor profile you’ll be awarded an extra $2.00 to donate to the charity of your choice. Now – we can’t tell you that you should donate those dollars to Conner Prairie, but we would greatly appreciate it.

If you have a twitter account – you can tweet using the hashtag #Score3inBFG, and earn one additional dollar to donate to the charity of your choice.

This promotion is limited – and when the pool of money is gone, the promotion is over.

Buzzer Beaters

What would college basketball be without nail biting finishes at the buzzer? Sink that half-court shot, advance to the next round. Air ball? Your tournament is over.

Brackets for Good allows you to designate 50% of your donation as a BUZZER BEATER. Buzzer Beater donations are hidden from the scoreboard until the final instant of that round. Buzzer Beaters are the last thing to happen in a round and there is no time for organizations to score rebuttal points. Meaning – even if it appears that Conner Prairie is ahead as time expires, our competition could come storming back and eliminate us with a barrage of buzzer beaters. Help us to advance by turning on BUZZER BEATER points when you donate!

Why we play

Brackets for Good is a great way for you to share your love for Conner Prairie with friends, family members and coworkers. It also helps raise money for Conner Prairie’s annual fund – all donations will help us do things like feed the animals, run interactive exhibits and host special programs like Passport to Hi-Tech or Curiosity Fair.

We are also taking the opportunity to shout over the loudspeaker some of the great ways we have integrated history and STEM. Everyday at Conner Prairie brings history alive – but we also want to combine that with science, technology, engineering and math so that everyone leaves Conner Prairie with an urge to dig deeper into history and the world around them. Check out our special video!

Stay Informed and Thank You

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates about our progress throughout the tournament, or keep checking this space and the scoreboard below.

Thank you for playing your part in helping to raise funds for Conner Prairie. Ready? 3 – 2 – 1 – BREAK!