Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Preschool on the Prairie be held?
The preschool will be located in the building currently named the President’s House. This is the brick house on the north side of the property. The house has a separate entrance onto the Conner Prairie property and a circle drive for drop-off and pick-up.

How will signing in/out be handled?
This will be a formal system in which we check IDs. Only approved people from a child’s registration paperwork, with proper identification, will be allowed to pick a child up from the preschool.

Do students need to be potty-trained to attend?
Students do not need to be potty-trained to attend Preschool on the Prairie. However, we will not have changing tables. We welcome children to wear pull ups and/or bring extra clothing. We will assist children with building independence in the restroom and hope parents will work on those skills at home as well.

Are students required to have the minimum immunizations required by the state to attend?
Yes. Students must have the minimum immunizations required by the state of Indiana to attend public school. This includes: 3 Hep B, 4 DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis) 3 Polio, 1 MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), and 1 Varicella.

What is the withdrawal policy?
We require a sixty-day written notification of your intent to withdraw your child from the program in order to receive a full refund of the tuition deposit. Conner Prairie reserves the right to retain all or part of the tuition deposit for withdrawal notifications that take place in less than 60 days. The $50 registration fee and $100 annual supply fee are non-refundable.

How will security be handled?
Entry to the preschool is only available for parents and designated caregivers with proper identification during drop off and pick up. The preschool is not open to the public. Museum guests are not permitted in the area near the President’s House. Museum security and operations staff monitor the grounds on a regular basis and an EMT is on site while the preschool is session.

What is the behavior/discipline policy?
We believe behavior is communication of a need. In order to best serve students, we must uncover what a child is saying to us through each behavior. We will use redirection and restorative practices, always communicating with parents when concerning behaviors are displayed. We will work together to assist children to find safe and kind alternatives for mistaken behaviors. In the event a child is injured as the result of a behavior, a meeting will be held with both families to make a plan moving forward. We will not allow anyone to harm your child.

Do you welcome students with special needs?
We strive to be an inclusive environment for all learners. Our philosophy values the fascinating elements of every student and every family. The teacher/s are equipped with the skills to provide modifications and accommodations as requested by parents or as written in an IFSP or IEP. Unfortunately, at this time, our preschool facility is not wheelchair accessible.

How will parents be involved in the preschool?
In order to meet the needs of children, we must meet the needs of families. With our system of observation and documentation, we will have a multitude of information and pictures to share with parents every week. This information will be shared in person as well as electronically. Parents are invited in to our preschool to assist with and enjoy learning. With that being said, we also want parents to feel they can take the time they need to spend time with siblings, get errands or work completed, etc. without an expectation to be at the school regularly. We also want children to gain independence in an environment away from home. Each child and each family is different, but we are serving families, not just preschoolers. We will also have special events throughout the school year for families to attend.

More questions? Please call Conner Prairie at 317-776-6000 and select option 3 for Guest Services.