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Makesmith Workshop is open January through December

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to hammer away at a whole new way of play. Makesmith Workshop offers a hands-on experience that gets back to the fundamentals of creating. Use a needle and thread to learn the basics of sewing, or grab a hammer and saw to practice woodworking techniques.

Themes will change periodically, featuring new tools, crafts, and activities that will offer opportunities to work with textiles, wood, metal, pottery and more.

Current Theme: Woodworking

Materials and themes change seasonally in Makesmith Workshop. There are so many tools to learn how to use!

Learn the basics of woodworking in our shop where safety is number one. Let us show you different types of tools and how to use them properly, like hammer and nails, saw, chisel, drill, measuring and marking, and more. Never worked with wood before? Don't be board, cut one!

  • Textiles

    You might be set for sewing, but do you have need for knitting? Want some weaving? From historic handicrafting to modern methods, there is no shortage of hands on learning at Makesmith Workshop. Let us show you how your clothes are made, as you learn how to use the tools of textiles.

  • Metal Working

    Pound, punch, and peen with our Do-It-Together metal projects. Learn how to use the tools of metal workers, the historic and modern ways to work metal. In Makesmith Workshop we work with different kinds of metal and show you the uses of each.

  • Carpentry

    Have a craving for carpentry?  If you have never measured and cut a board, hit a nail, or twisted a screw, Makesmith Workshop is ready to teach you the basics, starting and ending with shop safety. Enjoy our Do-It-Together approach to hand crafting projects, while you learn how to use many historic and modern tools of woodworking.

  • Shop Safety

    Safety is our number one concern. There is no joking around about learning proper workshop safety equipment and practices. Learn about proper ways to hold your hands and fingers when using a saw or hammer. Understand why it's important to use safety goggles, no matter what type of tools you're using. We have plenty of suggestions for you to take and use at home to keep a clean and safe workshop.

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Makesmith Workshop is the first experience with tools that many young visitors enjoy. In a world of "just buy it new," Conner Prairie tries to keep alive the spirit of "make it with your own hands." We subsidize 60% of each guest visit, so your donations in this area help provide curriculum, supplies, and surprises for our guests. Tools and building materials are always needed for us to teach the next generation how they're used.

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Thank you to our generous partners who made Makesmith Workshop possible.

Nancy and Stephen Bourke

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