Welcome ToDiscovery Station

Discovery Station is open January through December

This indoor area is the perfect place for guests through the age of nine. Here you can create, climb, explore, play, and pretend! Children develop their critical thinking skills and have big-time fun at the same time. There's even a special area for infants. Whether climbing the forest-themed play area, dressing up like a favorite critter, or building a puzzle, this is the perfect place for families, all year long.

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Experience Creature Comforts

Dress up like your favorite forest critter, then climb into an oversized treehouse, toss apples into a tree, or crawl into the hive and curl up with a favorite book.

  • Build Your Own Hideaway

    Use poles and blankets to design and build a gigantic colorful hideout where you can explore, play, and let your imagination soar.

  • More Fun with Friends

    Parents are welcome to play with their children, or take a seat and watch the fun. With restrooms and a mom’s room nearby, Discovery Station is the perfect place for a playdate!

  • Put on a Show

    Stuffed animals, puppets, lights, and costumes—everything you need to take center stage.

  • Quiet Times Welcome

    Our one-of-a-kind Bookhive is the perfect place to curl up with a good book or a favorite toy.

Donate Today


Little ones love all the activities at Discovery Station, where they can run and play and build things just to knock them down. All that knocking requires some upkeep! We love to constantly give our little visitors new things to discover, and that requires the generosity of donors like you. In this area, we use donations to create and maintain a world of immersive wonder.

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