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Create.Connect is open January through December

Indiana has a long history of innovation, and you can immerse yourself in it at Create.Connect, an indoor exhibit that encourages hands-on play and plenty of exploration. Experiment with the effects of wind while trying to get an airplane aloft, design your own invention, build a real working windmill and learn about John Wise and his 1859 balloon voyage! There's so much to discover about how science, technology, engineering, and math fit into Indiana's rich past.

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Invent Something New

Grab a handful of pieces and parts to assemble your own invention, then step into a 1950s patent agency where you can polish your finished product. Who knows what you’ll create!

  • Harness the Power

    Create electrical circuits and a real working radio as you help bring power to rural areas.

  • Take to the Sky

    Join early Hoosier aviators in their 1910 quest to create a flying machine. Experiment with wing shapes and wind speed and fly a model airplane in a wind tunnel!

  • Build a Windmill

    Check out the 30-foot-tall 1890s Flint & Walling windmill, then make your own small windmill and test how much wind power you can generate.

  • One Thing Leads to Another

    Learn about physics by using simple machines like a swinging hammer, pulleys and more to move a ball from start to finish.

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Create.Connect is an experience area that will serve as a model for museums all over the country. Innovation comes at a price — we subsidize 60% of each guest visit. Your donations in this area help provide updated supplies and new experiences.


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