Welcome ToCraft Corner

Craft Corner is open January through December

Try your hand at a fun and creative new skill or take-home craft! This space is not your typical craft room. Here, you can try things like soap making, using an antique printing press, decorating a quilt square, or weaving. New techniques are constantly being explored, so you can visit again and again!

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Crafts for Every Season

Unique themed activities in Craft Corner change from month to month, so you can always make something fun and perfectly in-season!

  • Give Art a Whirl

    Craft Corner is the perfect space for young visitors and adults to collaborate on a creative project.

  • Don't Fear the Mess

    Craft Corner has aprons, paper towels, and hand soap—have fun and don't worry about the mess!

  • Study the Artwork

    The shadow boxes on the walls contain all kinds of fun stuff. What can you find?

  • Come Back Often

    There are so many things to try here. Be sure to visit often to try a new craft!

Donate Today


Craft Corner is the perfect place for every Conner Prairie visitor to express his or her creativity. True artistry requires an investment! We subsidize 60% of each guest visit, so your donations in this area help provide curriculum, supplies, and surprises for our guests. Art supplies don't just walk in here, but we love to see them walk out!

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